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12/3 c84 Llewey
I have literally no idea why the mom got upset when he gave her breakfast in bed beyond waking up to him in her room
11/30 c124 Ren Shiroi
Was really enjoying this last two chapters, but that ending was anticlimactic as shit. Oh well, looking forward to the next chapter.
11/27 c124 Guest
Peak fiction
11/28 c12 Aliid
I'm sorry, why does nobody talk about how STUPID the plot of this chapter is? It entirely depended on an impossibility that shouldn't happen, which is the stupidly named debuff. He has gamers mind which explicitly stated that it protects him from mental debuffs, but it didn't, which only means that it depends entirely on plot to function, which fills me with dread going forward. Honestly, the story was quite good until chapter 12.
11/27 c124 TrumpasaurusRex
The MC continues to make mistake after mistake. You think you’d see some character growth. But no.
Same old same old.
11/27 c124 Mistroz
excellent chapter.
11/27 c124 1Kulha
Man, I really hoped he'd off a few of the smug pricks. Kind of feels anticlimactic to punt him out of the action like that.
11/26 c7 Misaka Phenex
Taylor be Greg best girl
11/25 c123 GustyGuest
Break PHO any% speed run:
11/23 c123 3knorr.ricecurry
very good story, very good writing.
I'll keep following along.
11/22 c12 knorr.ricecurry
isnt he immune to mental status effects?
11/20 c82 4Thefallenjedi66
Weak. Ass. Pussy.
11/20 c68 Thefallenjedi66
Wtf is this idiot on about? Has he not learnt shit?
11/20 c65 Thefallenjedi66
Finally! Bout fockin time!
11/20 c57 Thefallenjedi66
Christ I hope he gets his shit kicked in. I hate worm, but I like gamer and so far I have been forcing myself to read this crap. Gunna read to the end but goddamn this cocksucker is a retard.
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