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10/25 c103 Mistroz
Excellent chapter
10/23 c103 1Chillingbear
Hope Sparky dies so we can stop reading from his POV
10/23 c103 Dasgun
10/22 c1 1Tranquilmoth
good stuff
10/22 c103 Lubber
10/22 c103 PasiveNox
nice chapter
10/22 c103 FuzzyBoots
Did Sparky get powers? It feels like the second guy, at least, went down a bit too easy for "teenager kicked you". Nevertheless... that was a cruel joke on the voicemail, but how was he to know?
10/22 c103 2HpFaN2o0r
Of course, Greg would have a voicemail like that lol. Sparky is a badass tho, killing two full-grown men basically unarmed? That's cool, even if it's also fucking sad that he had to do that before he was even eighteen.
10/22 c103 LandWhale172
Honestly, while this story is about Greg, I’m kinda hoping Sparky will trigger and become an offscreen badass in his own right.
10/21 c102 kirito emiya
ff14 estinien armor with dragoon helmet
10/21 c88 prince awsome
the mc is having interactions with real live superheroes, probably the best day of life right now
10/21 c102 Lubber
10/21 c101 Lubber
10/21 c81 prince awsome
i gotta admit, the thomas calvert scene made up for the disappointing mc/ hero interaction this chapter
10/21 c80 prince awsome
what did he say to the press ? i get it, his moms back yay for him. i knew that already, the panacea interlude was a dead give away. i can't help but feel disappointed. you skipped the entire interview... WHY!
one of the best things about these types of stories are the character interactions (mc interacting with the heroes and villains) but you skipped an great opportunity. for what, for him to tell us about it in the most boring way possible.

another problem I've seen is when the emotional climax happens. example when he was trying to save emma. you just skipped the entire scene only to give us a half baked flashback later, it ruined all tension, all sense of danger because we knew emma made it out alive.

and no this isn't one of those "me telling you your story sucks, and that im dropping it" comments. this story is great. but it also has a lot of points that make it unnecessarily frustrating. (skipling important bits)

hopefully the mc gets to talk to the new wave soon
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