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for Greg Veder vs The World

11/30 c12 wasilabbas11
First time I’ve seen an author TRYING to make their MC into a loser . Arent you suppose to make appealing?
11/30 c9 wasilabbas11
Not only is he a complete loser, he also has stupid opinions.
11/30 c2 wasilabbas11
This idiot will kill someone? There’s a higher chance of me being his
11/13 c2 SMB
What? Why would you ruin a perfectly good worm gamer story by crossing it with scott pilgrim? Oh, probably because you're an idiot. Never mind. No thanks. I was interested and now I'm not.
11/14 c81 LennyFaceSupplier
ahh he said your welcome. all things considered isn't as bad since he followed with legitimate reason
11/14 c80 LennyFaceSupplier
I swear if this mothafucka said your welcome I'm gonna cringe. not heavily, but like, a cheesy, but funny kind of cringe.
11/14 c80 LennyFaceSupplier
this is why you never meet your childhood hero/celebrity figure.
11/14 c78 LennyFaceSupplier
ummm ackthually, its shadow of the colossus, not darkness of the titan, smh. no gamers what so ever.
11/13 c37 LennyFaceSupplier
... bro this is some top tier self commentary. how are you talking to yourself... never mind I'm a hypocrite...
11/13 c22 LennyFaceSupplier
BRO you know that story is immersive as all hell when I noticed I starting panting once the fight was don't LOL keep up the hood work man.
11/13 c16 LennyFaceSupplier
casual semi immortality.
11/13 c10 LennyFaceSupplier
heh. green spandex. nice.
11/13 c9 LennyFaceSupplier
bruh. how can you just clown on rocky road? its nuts, and marshmallows, in chocolate ice cream. thats, like, amazing. its a frozen smore, with nuts instead of cracker. like cmon!
10/26 c24 Makimass
I think I'm gonna stop reading now. I've enjoyed your story even if I've only reached chapter 24, I think your writing is at peak when jt comes to fight scenes or the system. The comedic scenes and character interactions is meh, the "MC dumb haha" moments gets old pretty quickly especially when you're letting him improve very quickly physically with the system but you're holding him back by making him a dumbass.

Its just hard to take the story seriously.
10/20 c110 8namesjones
I really like the way you explore esoteric concepts with visceral situations.
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