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for The Ghost of Grimmauld Place

1/1/2018 c2 Salovi
Hey you, this story is already great and I know it will continue to be so, even if you are new to writing these pairings. You are incredibly talented and If anybody complains about any of that stuff they are crazy because it’s honestly just a blessing to read your work. And uh, yeah, Remus is lickable, and I hope you didn’t mean likable because that would be embarrassing for me. I’ll take as much Remus as you’re willing to give me! Haha. I liked Hermione’s hysterical and run away thoughts in the chaos of the beginning, and man all that action was exciting! And as always, beautiful descriptions and details.
12/31/2017 c1 Salovi
So I normally don’t go for this ship, but it’s you, so of course I am on board for this story and I’m so glad to be here because it’s off to an amazing start! I am so excited to read more! Remus is my favorite and he was so beautifully written here, I could live in the beginning of this chapter with him and be happy for a lifetime. Maybe I’m not making sense because I’m sleep deprived but yay! You get the gist!Can I just say thank you for the new headcanon where dozens of young students have RLJ monogrammed handkerchiefs stashed away in their rooms and the house elf just keeps making more and more for Remus as he gives them away?
I liked the little Nundu in this chapter so much; I just bought my 4 year old the illustrated Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them because he loves “Harry Potter creatures” which is what he calls any mythical beast; so anyway, I knew right away what you were referencing.
Ginny is so wonderful here; you made her very mature but still believable as a second year. And I was enthralled by the story Remus told her about, presumably, Hermione and James? So looking forward to reading more detail about it and this mysterious pact! Happy new year!
12/30/2017 c1 6Accio-Cavy
First off, I really enjoyed your first paragraph because you set the mood perfectly! I also really enjoyed the characterisation of Ginny and Remus, especially when he gives her the go-ahead to hex boys. Overall, this chapter leaves me with curiosity about what's going on but it also gives me enough to go off of that I don't feel as though I'm waiting impatiently for it to happen.

The only critique I have is that the tone of your story seems to be having a little bit of a tug-of-war between a more flowery, descriptive style and more colloquial, this-is-how-it-went style. Either way is good and I think you can find a middle ground, but the shift was a little jarring at times (as an example, in the paragraph that begins 'she sniffed'). It seems to happen a little bit more frequently around dialogue, I think - kind of like the characters are fighting the narrator.

From looking at this story, I think you'd be really awesome for this website that I write for. It's basically an entire magical school full of OCs, and the community is just fantastically fun and supportive, and pretty focused on learning and helping others learn about writing. You've definitely got the skill set and I would love to write with you, so you should check it out - rmimagic . com!
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