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for Wars Fought in a Computer

1/25/2018 c1 399aikotters
This is one of the few filler arcs that I liked in the first anime. I don't know why I guess it was how smoothly it slotted into canon. Anyway...

The best part about this chapter is the characters and their characterization. It's very reminiscent of the dub I grew up with and because of that I feel very at home with this first chapter. Everything feels like it just clicks so well. Rei's a loner and bad at it. Noah is lonely and good at it. Let's put these two together and maybe we'll get something new... or something evil. one of the two.

But yes them interacting was golden, especially if we make the argument that Hajime is the Mokuba. the smarter Mokuba. I think? I question that but 't we all?

Poor Rei. He's just so stubbornly loner that it bites him so hard if other green haired characters don't get in his way. Just imagine Haru and Noah interacting. Haru will kill Noah with kindness. Probably.

So... let's see how Gozaburo and Leviathan work together... or use each other. Or something. I'm curious now.

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