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for Shinra Inc And New Years

1/1/2018 c1 Tashasaurous
Well...that's a dramatic start of the New Year. And Poor Rufus...sort of.

Loved this! And A Happy New Year to you too!
1/1/2018 c1 32Rikku Shinra
I don't know why, but Hojo being realistic was adorable. Don't ask, it's insanity. I love how you have everyone personalities. Will there ever be any SOLDIERS? I think you have had Zack.
1/1/2018 c1 8tocasia
This is wonderful! I was smiling all the way through, and then I got to the part with Cissnei and her bitching tattoo of a behemoth and burst out laughing!

And then again at Hojo and realistic resolutions!

And then Rufus "My hostile takeover worked like a charm!"

And then everybody's hand shot up!

I love this story. You made my day better!

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