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9/17/2019 c1 28Iniki Melset
Oh, come on! Don't do that to us all! While it is nice to see Garak and Tain as a team, I would dearly like to know how your story goes on. This is as frustrating as a science book without diagrams and statistics!
So, please continue the story - it is such an interesting one. I've given you a "Favourite" to motivate you...
1/22/2018 c1 3Sparrow49
I loved this. I'll echo The Tystie's review: everyone's motives are wonderfully obscure. There's a surprising amount of depth in this short little fic, and lots of questions raised, and yes, it definitely left me wanting to read more! Sequel, please!
1/3/2018 c1 3The Tystie
Oh! New story! What a lovely find! :)

I've come away from this one feeling uncertain about everyone's motives, but I like that. Is Garak on the side of the Cardassian state or is he (along with Tain) playing a double game? Is Julian acting according to his own agenda / conscience, or is he doing what Starfleet asked him to do? (Yes, he's behaving as a doctor should, but is he behaving as Starfleet expects its officers to behave?)

Even the relationship Julian has with his parents in this is confused. I actually felt sympathy for their protectiveness, which gave them a dimension that was lacking in the show.
1/2/2018 c1 16SilverChrysanth
I really like how you capture every character's personality just right, even if they're ones who are only shown on screen a few times for a few minutes. The dialogue is very well-crafted, suited to each of these characters and keeping them consistent and believable even in AUs.

I also like how you didn't name Garak as the Cardassian for the first few sentences, adding to the air of mystery about him while fully knowing exactly who it is you're talking about before his name comes up. His character in the show is very complex and multi-faceted, so it's hard to distinguish the lies and the truths from him - I'm still wondering if he would infiltrate the resistance purely for the state, or if he really does have another agenda.
And Julian, despite being afraid and unable to fully hide that fear, is still resolute in his decision to give his aid - that he volunteered for, no less - to anyone he can, no matter what happens to him. His willingness to give aid to anyone in just about any situation might seem like a cliche thing for a doctor or his type of character, but the way he showed it in the series made him such a memorable character. Even in such a short piece, I think you conveyed that very well.

You also used a nice variety of synonyms, and described what you needed to when you needed to. I did wonder at the code-phrase Garak used, as a human phrase on an alien world used by alien people might be a little strange, although that might just be me. However, I did notice a few typos.

In the flashback of Julian talking to his parents, right after his father comes in and starts talking, it read, "Julia glares". I'm assuming you meant Julian.
In the next sentence, his father says, "No damsels to rescue, and kiss." I'm not sure if you meant to add the comma, but the pause there made me "trip" over the sentence, a little.
Those were all the typos I noticed, and they were minor and didn't detract from the story.

All in all, I very much enjoyed this, and wouldn't mind any continuation, if you had a mind to.
1/2/2018 c1 11summerartist
Interesting. Hmm Julian is playing with fire and it was wise for his parents to try and dissuade him. I was half expecting Garak to stare him down like he did with Parmak. Interesting new route to take!
I liked how this is an in between scene for action but it says so much. The plot is made perfectly clear in an interlude while still causing tension for Julian and the reader.
1/1/2018 c1 67aqaws321
ooooh, this was good. i especially loved that last line- so poetic and eerie.

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