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1/14/2020 c2 animerule64
Add more chapters please
10/16/2018 c2 22ZadArchie
So, I’m just going in order of the posts on that WA thread to help counteract the spammer. So, yay, another review for you!

I like that you address some of the cruelties Harry faced when it came to the Dursleys. It wasn’t always something heavily mentioned in the books, so I like that you’re taking a slightly more serious tone with it. However, I feel like some of the sentences were a little discombobulated and incomplete in some areas. I think that may have happened because in your excitement to write it, not everything was put down as a complete thought, even though you know what it meant. I do that sometimes too. Also, the Dursleys feel a little out of character to me. Yes, they were cruel, but not sadistic. I mean, they accepted him into their home even though they didn’t approve of the world his mother was in. That has to mean something. Plus, how do they get this sense that Harry is touching their stuff? They’re not magic, so why that element? Just out of curiosity. Still, I hope you continue your story so that you can see this idea out to its full potential.

As always, a courtesy review to another person plagued by the spammer is encouraged to help pay it forward.

10/15/2018 c1 ZadArchie
Hi! Even though you haven’t been hit by the spammer, I’m still going around and posting some helpful reviews to anyone who posted in the WA thread regarding this frustrating issue. Everyone deserves a nice review every now and then. Enjoy!

Oh, it’s a little odd when you open the story with a sentence in present tense, but then switch to past tense in the next sentence. You do these tense switches quite a bit. Try to keep things consistent, as that helps the readers feel comfortable with the story. Nothing’s more jarring that odd tense switches.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen SWAT Kats, but what do you mean by being on a strange planet? I mean, I always assumed their world was the same as ours, just with, you know, anthropomorphic cats. Does this mean we’re going with a multiverse theory for this crossover to work?

Still, I was curious to see how you would weave the two fandoms together, and I’m kind of glad you didn’t start at the very beginning of Harry Potter to do this. I like that you chose an in-between moment to introduce everyone. Sometimes when people do crossovers, they have it all happening right in the middle of all the canon action, and then everything gets muddled and confused. So, I’m glad this works out so much better. Interesting start!

I only ask in return that you perhaps find someone else who has been struck by the spammer and review them to brighten their day. These reviews are absolutely free of charge (no exchanges or anything like that, please), but I hope you take my suggestion into consideration. I think maybe together, we can all make this mess into a good thing.

7/26/2018 c2 136rebecca-in-blue
Hi there, here from the constructive criticism request thread at WA. I read both chapters, and I'm finding the flow of this story pretty hard to follow. I think it creates more questions than answers, like how Jake got injured and especially why Chance went to the Dursleys' house for help. He looks for "that first aid kit" like he already knows they have one and cooks food in their kitchen like he's been there before. Whether he's been in their house before, or whether he just barged into a random Muggle house looking for help, it's confusing either way. I think the plot needs more cohesion and a slower pace.

On the SPaG front, there are a lot of errors throughout both chapters - typos, misspellings, missing capitals, unnecessary capitals, incorrect dialogue tags, etc. In some places, they're almost constant, and so many mistakes like that can really add up and distract you from a story. The Dursleys' dialogue at the end of chapter 2, though, was what really lost me. All-caps dialogue has always been a PET PEEVE of mine. (See, wasn't it annoying to read just then?) It's pretty ridiculous, very messy-looking, and it reads more like a crack/parody fanfic than a meant-to-be-taken seriously one. I still don't have much sense of where this story is going.
7/22/2018 c1 47Wildebunny the Eternal
There are quite plenty of flaws around dialogue in regards to punctuation marks.
One instance of Harry not being capitalized.
4/9/2018 c2 7jh831
this looks like a good story.
though shouldn't you put this in the crossover section?
4/1/2018 c2 LittlebigmouthOKC
Please saythat these two chapters we're not an April fool's joke. I really want to read more of this story.
4/1/2018 c2 driftchris
Nice so far but the story should be in the Crossover category.
2/24/2018 c1 2Keyblade Writer of the Dawn
will be trying to make more don't worry just doesn't know how to do chapter since there two very different versions and trying to make a outline for this but there will be more, good sir.
2/24/2018 c1 Eli
What about more writing?

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