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1/2/2018 c1 22tomwilliams1990
This is pretty interesting Usagi as a Fallen Angel kinda idea is interesting
1/1/2018 c1 Raven Marcus
I question!? Are you gonna make it into a crossover?
1/1/2018 c1 3Reishin Amara
Okay finally..I am curious how this could turnout honestly...

black Moon Clan...wasn't that the Black Moon Troupe/Circus in English? Their leader being the old dude,but their true leader being Nehelenia...I'm curious how this could turnout since I believe Nehelenia's problems were caused by The Moon Queen ages ago,before the Moon Princess was Usagi,with her new outlook could correct that... hmm...maybe a Dual Diarchy like Celestia and Luna of MLP have?

Seriously,half the enemys in sailor moon are their own fault. Beryl loved Endymion,her king,and got jealous and summoned a demon for help...meanwhile back then we had the Moon Princess running off to see a foreign king constantly ignoring how knows how many protocols...

As for the...oh...wait...black Moon Clan was the group from the future...oops... well anyway,I've always thought they ended up banished simply because they didn't want to swear themselves to the New Silver Millenium like the rest of the planet.
1/1/2018 c1 12Puffgirl1952 the 2nd
Oh please let this be a Chibiusa and Mamoru-bashing...
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