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7/9/2019 c4 4SpyAgent001
I could totally see this plot line happening if S6 had been a thing.

But aaaaaaah noooooooo to that ending. I ship it damnit.
2/8/2018 c4 11NightOwlHoot
Hi Spidergirl,
Aw, thanks for being a loyal reader and taking the time to review and give your thoughts. Not that many still interested. I do this fanfic thing when I have time because I loved the show and it's characters, don't really mind that not many are reading anymore.

So basically in this fanfic, I wanted to show that McQuaid is old, er older, I put him in his early 40s on the show. He's in a totally different place and life stage from Annie who is still in her 30s. That's also part of the conflict, the rub between them. . . she's less ready to slow down.

Mid life makes us introspective. Maybe that's a wrong assessment, but he did seem out of breath during some scenes and Auggie did seem surprised that he went in the field still. In this fanfic, Ryan spent a good number of years building his company, hobnobbing, networking, meeting and pitching, etc. Season 5, threw him back in the field and he found it exhilarating but he did it out of necessity to find the leak in his company, he had to do it himself to keep it under warps. Of course once there he loved it, but also realized he was out of shape from his years of wining and dining. Of course he got a rush out of being in the field and loved working with Annie. I want to show that a guy like Ryan has a shelf life and his last near death experience caused him to think about his legacy which for the Ryan in Complicated Currents involves family and a balanced life. He does value his reputation and privacy.

I loved that line you quote about doing the job and dying and not doing the job and dying. It shows that Ryan grasps the fragility of life having lost his wife. I think he was saying we all die at one point -death the great equalizer- and it shouldn't stop us from living.

I think this current climate would kill him. He already hated the bureaucracy of the CIA. What's going on now would drive him crazy and I don't think he'd want to be part of any of it since he hates any sort of BS and as a true patriot he would be so bothered by partisan politics superseding the country's security needs. He is a get stuff ($hit) done kind of guy so he wouldn't quit per se, but I think he also doesn't want to put his employees in harm's way for the BS he sees happening. . . thus the whole cybersecurity, working against cyber terrorism and infiltrating and putting down terrorists cyber networks, network safety angle. . . . I think he's always been a visionary of sorts. That's what our country needs to focus on with the fake news and sock puppets, tampering etc. . . But as with all my fanfics, I care less about that and more about the relationships. Ha!

Please please feel free to write a different ending. I have some ideas for how this one continues and of course eventually Annie will find her way back to Ryan.

I need to get back to finishing the others, but have had visitors and have travel coming up. Will try to get something else checked off soon.

Happy Writing and Reading!
2/2/2018 c4 spidergirl723
Long time reader here. First off, you know I absolutely love your writing and I'm extremely encouraged by your abundance of writing lately. You know Annie Walker like the back of your hand, but, and I'm only saying it about this story, I completely disagree with you assessment of Ryan McQuaid.

I think what would be more interesting is if this wasn't about Annie's decision at all, but about the challenging of Ryan's supposed future he wants. Ryan thinks he wants to live the quiet life, but everything in the original series points the opposite about him. He's a man of ambition and purpose.

First, he became a Navy Seal Commander, in order to do that you have to be in the top 1% of the Navy, that's no easy task. Second on that bus ride in Maracaibo he say's he's a patriot, meaning he doesn't do it for money or power. He does this for a purpose. He talked in Paris how he valued the company's employees over himself. He also came alive when he was in the field with Annie.

In the final episode he says this, "You can do this job and die and not do this job and die." Someone who says that is someone who goes for it in life, not someone who retires.

Nope, he only thinks he wants the quiet life, that the grass is greener, but Ryan is by no means normal. Ryan is a man of purpose. It's why he fell for Annie, she's a woman of purpose. And I think Annie should come back and challenge that in him.

I think Annie should challenge the future he painted, because it's not him. Instead of retiring, Ryan would shoot higher, much higher. In fact, I think Annie should posit that if he wants the quiet life fine, but if he wants to change the world then f'ing go for it!

I think it should end with both deciding Ryan McQuaid should run for President of the United States. Annie would come on board as head of special projects at McQuaid Security with her real job of developing him as a candidate and they change the world together.

Think about it, fantastic military background, runs a billion dollar company defending America, sexy, funny, has charm for days. They'd position him as a real-life superhero and her as a super spy action hero. They could start a charity for veterans or partner with Project Rubicon. He'd write a book about his Seal adventures and a movie could be made before running. I would also place the story in the recent past, before this election. He could run as a middle of the road Democrat who loves the military, because then both sides of the aisle would vote for him and he could win.

I'd love the chance to write this chapter again with your blessing, sort of an alternate reality if you will where Annie challenges that future he wants or Chapter 5 with this abrupt breakup forcing Ryan to rethink his future. He comes back to Annie understanding her need for purpose and paints her a new picture. Thoughts?
1/30/2018 c3 Poohbear
Annie can never have her cake and eat too
1/5/2018 c2 Poohbear
A decision where Annie have to choose between love and the job, in annie case she always choose job.
1/5/2018 c1 NightOwlHoot
Thanks Pooh Bear for your positive encouragement. I too wonder if there were a Season 6 whether Annie would be pushed into a direction regarding her relationship with Ryan that was outside of her (meaning the agency as is the case here in this fanfic) versus her issues coming to surface and making her sabotage her relationship with him. . . anyway, thanks for reading and letting me know your thoughts. Very appreciated and motivating. Happy New Year!
1/2/2018 c1 Poohbear
I like this scenario. I always wondered if Annie was caught publicly with Ryan how would she act and plus how was she going o to date a guy who is a public figure and not expect to get caught.

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