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10/16/2020 c17 1The one who liberates
Current natsu is so strong that be blew up an country sized opponent.

He would clear most of the high tiers of bleach effortlessly
9/28/2020 c19 Zatil Hidayah Spensa
If you wanna keep reading Fairy Tail, just read 100 Year Quest Sequel. The story writing is perfect, new characters are amazing, and Natsu is a f**king beast!

I have to say Natsu is probably multi-continental now.
8/30/2020 c5 corjca1
god i love to throw acid at azian ugly face watch his skin peel
4/12/2020 c19 Guest
This is actually pretty neat-o.
4/12/2020 c19 Guest
Game of honor
4/8/2020 c19 Ramos
3/11/2020 c1 Mxm124
Don’t know who you are skateman but please leave some actual criticism rather than just ‘this sucks’. Also I don’t see any pedophilia anywhere.

To the actual story, looking forward to your next chapter and how strong Natsu has gotten.
3/5/2020 c1 AnoyingWaffle
OH SHIT. Skateman is back!
2/25/2020 c19 Jm
Pls continue your story its been too long to update
2/2/2020 c19 1Unzueta
Esta o tus otras historias de Fairy Tail
1/26/2020 c19 MetalBatt
"Your struggling is futile, Hollow King..." nice double entendre you made there :)!

But man, I gotta say, this fic is a lot better than the mha one! Yes, it's most likely because this one is longer, but I just love Natsu's personality in this one MUCH more than on your MHA Xover. The MHA Natsu is very depressing, hella rude, and never smiles for shit :/. But this one is still the same ol' Natsu, but with new aspirations and new friends to help him along the way! Plus, I find the fight scenes much more badass in this one too :]. Acnologia is still a bastard as usual, but even more powerful and with an upcoming army no less! So let's see how his new status as king affects the canon once we get to it. But I'm more excited to see how Natsu has been doing since the time skip occurred and all the new relationships he's gain with the citizens of Soul Society! So until then, I'll be here waiting my friend :D!
1/26/2020 c16 MetalBatt
( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)
1/26/2020 c10 MetalBatt
This man called her Soy Sauce. Ight, imma head out.
1/26/2020 c4 MetalBatt
My God. This just keeps getting better and better...
1/26/2020 c3 MetalBatt
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