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for The Sun and The Flower

1/26/2019 c1 2Hercules8
A cute and nice short story. I like it! Good job! :)
5/21/2018 c1 4Thor x Kamisato fan
To still feels
Like a side character
1/3/2018 c1 Guest
Fine by me.I will take any one shot story
not about touma or accelerator.
I don't hate them but I like one shot
stories of side characters or villains
more so than the main cast except hamazura
Because for me he is still a side characters.
Despite what kazuma Kamachi says
1/3/2018 c1 Guest
(Slow clapping) anyone going to join in on showing our appreciation of this story?
1/3/2018 c1 1LexArch
A good one-shot... Basically, you have captured both Uiharu's and Gunha's characters pretty well. It's not much common seeing characters like Uiharu in the limelight, but you have done a pretty good job with it.
And God! I feel for ya... m8... Aogami and Fukiyose are a hard bunch to deal with, arent they?
1/3/2018 c1 Guest
1/2/2018 c1 27soulcage
Oh god, is this the year of the crack pairings?
1/2/2018 c1 6BlueJack22
it's nice, it's like judgement got a energetic puppy to train

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