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1/19/2019 c12 13archivewriter3
Marvelous! I know where this story's headed! Allons-y!
1/16/2019 c12 12adrogoz
So I see we're going with the smaller groups approach, eh? I like it.

This chapter is mostly centred around inFamous, a game series I'm not super familiar with, but the good and evil Coles were interesting opposing forces. Kinda felt easily dealt with though, since Good Cole had backup from Batman, the three wizards and the Ninja Turtles. Speaking of the Ninja Turtles, they were fun. I feel like this chapter is more for introducing them for later chapters and establishing their friendship with Cole than giving them a big chapter to themselves, which is fine.

The "next time" just reminded me that we hadn't seen Chell or Picard's crew in season 2 yet, so Chell's on the Enterprise? And meeting what I assume to be Samus? Looking forward to that.
1/8/2019 c11 13archivewriter3
1/8/2019 c11 12adrogoz
A brilliant start for Season 2! I like the little subgroups everyone's been split up into in this chapter, lots of fun interactions and I like that it covered just about everyone from the last season. Are they all heading to meet up? Or will they be staying in these little sub-groups for the time being? Either would be awesome

The interactions between the Parrs were nice. I like the idea of Bob and Helen stepping back so Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack can get to be in what is effectively a superhero team on their own. And the reactions to Jack's sleigh and Aladdin's magic carpet were fun

I liked seeing how the toys from Toy Story got adapted into a setting where they aren't toys, I see you went the route of making them all human but I like that you still got a lot of their character in, especially Slinky. I also liked how Bonnie's toys were there too.

Gets me to wondering though, with "mad scientist" Sid I have to wonder where all his Frankenstein creations got to. Based on the fact the movie versions were actually not cannibalistic and perfectly reasonable really I would assume they've got some hidden reclusive little village or something, just minding their own business now Sid's gone

Marty playing for Lilo and the Cousins was great,

Your descriptions for Tony Stark were brilliant (I like the way you often describe a character in a very characterful way that I hadn't thought of before but that perfectly describes them), and Egon's near-immediate description of an upgraded, infinite-budget Ghostbusters organisation was brilliant.

The Doctor and co infiltrating the Batcave and finding Batman's emergency plans against everyone was an interesting one. I notice Luke, Leia, Han, Cloud, Nanaki, Indy, Lara and Drake are described as the Doctor's "companions" in this scene, does this mean they're travelling in the TARDIS with him? Or is that just coincidental phrasing? Either way, I probably only got the references to like half at most of the non-obvious file names, cleverly done.

Coupled with the overarching bad memories of Maleficent's work. I liked Stitch's insight on the matter

All-in-all, great start. Can't wait to read on!
10/24/2018 c10 adrogoz
I caught the A-Team, Sherlock Holmes, Team Fortress 2, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter in a first reading of those teaser quotes. Looking forward to seeing where the characters all go from here
10/13/2018 c8 Stitchthebest36
This is not as good as my original review so my apologies. As always I love your dialogue and you write the characters in a way where nobody feels really out of place. The only line that felt a bit "off" was "Al, can I have a magic carpet ride?" but that could be just me. I like the scenes with Mulan. I love the inclusion of the experiments.
9/14/2018 c8 13archivewriter3
Young blonde traveler stopping to play ocarina is the one and only... LINK from Legend of Zelda!

Seconds to easy. Towering demon detective with stone right hand and cigarette... HELLBOY!

Quartet of masked amphibious reatires... TMNT!

The teen zard trio is Harry Potter and the gang!

Right on the money, son. Too easy...
9/12/2018 c8 12adrogoz
Kind of expected this to be the season finale, especially with everyone being de-heartless-ed, but then the other villains turned up! And dragon Maleficent! This is going to be brilliant!

As was this chapter. Brilliant work here. I am a little confused regarding these Heartless because I had been under the assumption (especially as Maleficent was leading them) that these were the Heartless from Kingdom Hearts, but they seem to work differently in a lot of ways and if Kingdom Hearts were involved I would have though several characters introduced in this chapter would have known about them. Are they different entities inspired by those from KH or from something else entirely?

Either way, another excellent chapter, possibly the best yet
7/12/2018 c7 MadJeager 00
This is a damn good story. I am ashamed I didn't find this sooner. I know who would be the good though. Duke Nukem, Doomguy and Master Chief
7/6/2018 c7 13archivewriter3
Sweet mother of everything good in this world... Maleficent.

This is big. Bigger than even a few heroes to go gainst, but the good guys eventually win... Right? To be honest, I'm not so sure anymore...

Anyway, these are who I think are being talked about.

An optimistic police bunny- Judy hopps from zootopia
A street rat turned prince- Alladin
7/6/2018 c7 12adrogoz
Wow, that was eventful. Loved the twisted tests set up for Marty and Picard

So Maleficent was the "mistress" behind all this! That makes sense, though if she's turning all these people into Heartless, does that mean there's a lot of Nobodies around as well? (Seeing as nearly all of them should be strong-hearted enough)

And the group for the next chapter sounds brilliant! We've got Aladdin, Cloud and Judy Hopps for certain, and I'm guessing Woody, Dash, Violet and Mulan for some of the others, but who is the skeletal king? Maybe Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King?

(If so, we've got a whole Disney team plus Cloud, up against an army of Heartless led by Maleficent, very Kingdom Hearts!)
6/25/2018 c6 13archivewriter3
My body surges with primal fear whenever I read this stuff. I'm glad that I got Indiana Jones and Lara croft, anyway. I think that Star Trek is involved in the next one as well as the Tommy guy from Back to the Future. The last one, I do not know.
6/25/2018 c5 archivewriter3
Let me guess; Indiana Jones and Lara Croft. I don't know the last one.
6/21/2018 c6 12adrogoz
Ooh, our first look at what's been happening to everyone at the end of some of the other chapters!

Also, Portal and Back to the Future (maybe) are next! Along with something else, not sure which space Captain we're talking about here, but the fact Drake, Lara and Indy were uncovering Aperture clues makes me think things are really coming together. Can't wait for the next one!
6/7/2018 c5 Stitchthebest36
Hi, its me from the Ohana Shout Out!

I am finally getting a chance to read this! I loved the tower the cousins made with Lilo when they introduce themselves! They so should have done that in the series! I like all the dialogue between the characters as I always do in your stories. The line abut Elastico working at a construction site struck me as a bit out of character but the “starting circus” line kind of saves it from being too out there. I have not watched “Invader Zim” in years but from what I remember of those characters you seemed to have captured them well. The fight with GIR and the big battle with Zim was cool. I love the dancing scene and how Dib thought David was Lilo’s dad. This crossover really works well as they are both Sci Fi.
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