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3/26/2021 c14 beccabj22
Omg! Hahahahah this story made my day it's truly awesome! Great work author-san 3️
4/16/2020 c2 Guest
The writing is a bit awkward and it seems like you were just trying to rush through their introduction. Also, the choice to info dump like that wasn't the best.
4/16/2020 c1 Guest
Seems interesting so far.

This was last updated in 2018, are you going to add this fic to that list?

(Also, stumbled on this while looking for another fic, and after seeing your list, I was wondering if you could help me find the other one. All I remember is it's Kaishin. Conan is still Conan - I think he turns back to Shinichi at the end but I'm unsure - Kaito is still Kid, and they start trading flowers with secret messages. Eventually, they confess to each other through the flowers but one is accidental and it caused a misunderstanding and they stopped sending flowers until the accidental confessor tracks the other down.)
6/27/2019 c15 MudbloodBunny
I forgive you for not posting this chapter after almost six months because this fanfic it's still one of the best I've ever read about this couple that I love so much, thank you, this is all I was looking for 3
I hope you're doing amazingly well 3
5/18/2019 c15 1yuutojaden
please continue
3/16/2019 c15 Stefunee Pylant
Ooh,I hope this can continue,it's so good!
2/18/2019 c3 bloodyace016
Your making this far too blunt.
2/11/2019 c1 Spadeknight
Thank you for this list of recs. I'm too happy too complain about not having more chapter content.

I should check those out.. but they might figure out I have my phone.. decisions decisions.
1/21/2019 c2 1LunaMoonlightCh
I love this book btw.
glitched so...
1/21/2019 c1 LunaMoonlightCh
Holy Moly.
I spent 10 minutes reading every single word of the stories that you mentioned.
And I must say, Touche.
12/10/2018 c12 2Catthhay
Here is a homicide idea for the story if you are still taking them.

(Sidenote though; the A/Ns and self-insert character are a bit disorienting. I like the story itself just fine, but the constant A/Ns and the “god” character of yourself make the story a little hard to read at times.)

Hebi Tearu (Female, age 20, professional dancer)
Sakari Fara (Female, age 21, tour manager and childhood friend of Hebi)
Reese Right (Male, age 25, American, Hebi’s Stage designer)
Mara Poole (Female, age 17, Hebi’s biggest fan.)

Victim: Gale Yates (Male, age 27, Gale’s best friend and Hebi’s costume designer)

Murder scene: Kaito and Shinichi get special tickets to Hebi’s first Japanese show, she is a famous dancer who went to school in America for dance and became famous there despite being Japanese. Turns out she helped Kaito’s dad with a fan-gone-crazy that tried to stalk him years before, a few performances before he died. She sent a special invitation to Kaito’s mom because she came up with a dance to honor his dad, but his mom gave them the tickets instead since she’s still in France. In her third dance, she transforms into a white tuxedo-dress that is meant to hint about her knowing about KID, though the top hat and other pieces of the costume were missing to make it less obvious. Before she can start the “magic” part of the dance, a shot goes off and a thump is heard. Behind the stage, the victim is found with a bullet in his chest. Nobody was backstage except for the manager, Sakari, but she was watching the dance from the side of the stage and would have had no time to hide the gun. Part of the audience had been able to see her from the side stage, too, and she hadn’t moved at all until after the thump.

Evidence: a slight rip in the backstage curtain, right where one curtain ended and another began.

A bit of shattered glass on the stage for seemingly no reason

A tiny hole in one of the stage lights’ glass

Reese was carrying two remotes and trying to hide that he had them. Further snooping shows that the remotes were identical, but one controlled the lighting for the stage and the other didn’t seem to do anything (spoiler; it fires the gun)

Method: Reese hooked up a gun inside one of the stage lights, where nobody could see it. Nobody would question him messing with the lights because stage design is his job. Using the remote, he could control the lights without being in the light booth and fire the gun the same way. The bullet hit the curtain right where the two curtains met, causing a small rip instead of a hole.

Motive: Reese had actually been trying to hit Hebi, but missed because she had kept her choreography for the Toichi Tribute Dance a strict secret and he ended up firing at the wrong time on accident. His friend was never meant to be the one to die. Reese hated Hebi because she had hired him as stage designer, but was constantly researching stage setup and watching everything he did with an eagle eye. He thought she was trying to learn how to do his job so she could fire him and make him look like an idiot and rumors spread that she thought he was incompetent. The truth was that she was mentally scarred by Toichi’s incident and knew it hadn’t been an accident, so she wanted to make sure she knew exactly what went on in her set (but she only tells Kaito and Shinichi that). She confessed to them that she knew he had done something to the lights and had choreographed around it to figure out what he had done, but didn’t realize he had been so drastic. She admits to Kaito and Shinichi that she blames herself for not confronting Reese and keeping Gale from dying.

Alibis: Hebi was performing
Sakari was watching Hebi from backstage, several audience members saw her watching in place the whole time.
Reese was in a closet grabbing a prop for the next dance, and had just gotten back in view of the stage when the gun went off
Mara was inside Hebi’s dressing room, acting like a general stalker (“it was out of ADMIRATION”)


Gale was known as a perfectionist in his costume designs. He was also notoriously forgetful and got extremely angry whenever he misplaced things, constantly accusing everybody (even Hebi herself) of stealing his materials. He even tried to press charges against Mara for “stealing” one of Hebi’s costumes that he misplaced, and graffitied her door when she wouldn’t confess. That dress showed up in his own closet two days later.
Hebi never took any actual fighting class, but she dances with flags occasionally and is an expert of using her dance skills to defend herself (especially with a flag or pole nearby as a weapon).
Hebi is a known expert at improvising at anything— acting, dancing, fighting, public speaking, etc.
Hebi can only do one magic trick, making items appear out of seemingly nowhere like Kaito does with roses. She can only do it with small items though. That trick was taught to her by Toichi himself, back when she was a kid and helped him with that stalker. She does it without even realizing it, it became a subconscious habit. She’ll randomly pop out flowers, coins, even cups of tea if she is stressed (but the tea is the biggest thing she can do).

Hebi is clearly holding secrets. She hints about knowing Toichi was KID, and she acts familiar with Shinichi and Kaito, as if she has known them for longer than she actually has.
11/21/2018 c15 Nat
I don't want a response but i like letting my favorite authors know im rooting for them sometimes a little luck is all you need

Finals should be coming up for you soon yes? All the best of luck you got this!
Good luck getting into your first choice of college but remember if you don't its not the end life doesn't always work out and sometimes what we had wanted isn't what we needed because sometimes the people that you need to grow learn and build friendship and networks with are in another place than where you figured you were heading. Not getting in the dream college isn't a failure don't listen to anyone who saids it is but if you do congratulations and good luck!
Happy holiday season!
11/21/2018 c14 Nat
I lost track of where i left off so im starting from what seems new chapters eight and up

Thank you for answering the ayumi and haibara questions
Poor shinichi of course ayumi would kiss him making the road to shinkai bumpy with misunderstanding and such

The police thinking shinichi kudos now a ghost detective just chilling around solving crimes from beyond the grave amuses me greatly. What amuses me most is that no ones thought to question why his fathers not shown up (i assume its safe to believe if the son of a great detective were to go missing much less die he'd be raising hell looking for him) or sent him an email that asks if he's dead impersonating a vampire or just braking witness protection to solve cold crimes
I hope someone builds him a alter. Gotta keep those shimigami happy least they take away the good luck charm negating the every other day murders from before. I think it'd be hilarious if they would prank the poor department into believing they displeased shinichis ghost .

Love confessions! Crisis averted.

Hattori's a good man it'd suck if they had to stuff him in a closet

Im dying at the idea as far as kaito's classmates know he's just chilling out on a beach while the other people are very very stressed by his pranks for about eight months
Why has no one questioned him he's been gone nearly a year
-honestly im surprised hakuba hasn't resigned himself to pulling favors to look through prison databases over tea and the unconscious worry he might get his pretty behind shanked because either hes in a hospital for treatment, hiding a pregnancy (but hes a dude) , kidnapped or you know servings a prison term to be gone eight months.
Validation they're friends!
Sanako is such a great character but seriously poor Makoto she needs to sit her behind down hes a great man deserves her full attention
Kaitos plug in at the end of the heist was dumb either he's going to be harassed because hes been missing for a while so he must have apprenticed to kid thus knows his face -also theres two one must be kudoba- or overzealous fan girls that will be tweeting conspiracy theories about a romantic relationship between the two ended tragically because kid has a terminal illness or because kaito chose his childhood friend and her father over their love either way not a great idea
Hikaru is a lovely character that reminds me of when my friend used to creep up on everyone
I suppose i see the logic if anyone dug hard it could be implied kid felt bad for getting toichi caught up in his mess so as an apology hes kick starting his beloved sons magic career

Im dying!
"Why didn't you tell me you knew Kudo Shinichi or was dating him?"

Kaito looked at her.

"Your not my mom, I don't have to tell you anything… Oh, sh**, I forgot to tell my mom. She's kill me if she finds out from an outside source. If you'll excuse me!"

The poor kid chikage will scar him for life

You know im concerned about Hikaru whose looking like their sugar person , other boyfriend, hired chaffer or just the weirdo who enjoys butting in on the live birds to the fan girls

Okay but chikage coming home on a cruise honestly is the best thing ever like im just picturing her deciding it because A they wait on her not the otherway at out B all the beautiful sights on the way home since shes not going to get to vacation often and C the all you can eat buffets and desserts

Oh the lovely twin kaito's im picturing a line of teachers at a nearby corner shop buying up alcohol and filing to the unemployment office or just straight up going back to bed because theres no way they're dealing with TWO kudobas nope not happening not happening ill fax you my resignation letter don't bother paying me I'll see you in spring when he graduates
Nevermind it was hakuba whom broke poor guy

About kingdom hearts i personally think its because the crew don't seem to have parents but sorta had delinquents in no power aus organization 13 seems like a gang but thats just my thought
I think they're adorable and can't wait for the third game IT COMES OUT IN JANUARY! -knocks on wood - fun fact i was furious with the developers it was announced January 29 -my birthday the first thing to ever happen on my birthday!- but when they announced a change in dates i was ready to murder someone until it was announced to be January 24! Suck i lost the coolness of it but hey five days ahead? Hell yeah!

Excuse me return at once! ( when convenient) do not become like the authors you complain about. But on a serious note its been nearly a year you allright?

Also if you would maybe add sora and crew i wouldn't complain! Theyre all so cute!
5/23/2018 c14 Guest
Aghhhh I love this story! It's so good!

Please update soon (If it's convient for you)
Thank you so much for writting
5/23/2018 c9 Guest
Idea for murder
They visit a magic show and it has a non that someone stands in and people stab swords into it /cut a person in half
Except someone switched out the trick box/blades with real ones
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