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for A Jedi in Dumbledore's Court - Episode II

11/11 c28 Tunganation
My compliments, this story had the best redemption of Lockhart I've ever read. You promised a good reason why he wasn't a fraud, and you definitely delivered.

I look forward to book 3 when it's ready, and wish you all the best in this turbulent time.
11/3 c3 6Jestrbob
"warm Harry Potter."

Didn't we just discuss typos?

won't the 1st and won't be the last.
11/3 c2 Jestrbob
Your author's note is 100% the truth.

at least my biggest error was when I was in an online astronomy forum, this was international in scope. at least 10.000 users. and My error was I mistyped "Red Shift" dropping the "r". I proofread it a dozen times and it still slipt by.
10/5 c28 holymolymacadoo
I really, really enjoyed this story and I am looking forward to the third instalment.
10/4 c11 holymolymacadoo
I am really enjoying this story. So glad I stumbled upon it. Your characterizations are great.
9/24 c1 dadRonic89
where's episode III? great story!
9/24 c27 cameron1812
Absolutely adore this chapter. Dang.
9/2 c1 1Ionnizerstr
hmm romio and juliet.
8/30 c4 midnightscar17
Are you actually making him competent
8/16 c4 10AlchemyWriter
I couldn't help but hear the Sorting Hat's song to the tune of the Mos Eisley Cantina music.
8/13 c1 peggyjolaws
just finished both your your Jedi in Dumbledore court series they were really very good. I loved your take on Lockhart and look forward to you continuing the series..
8/2 c1 Olegreyowl
I miss your disclaimers from Ep. 1!
7/11 c28 fraewyn
Loved it!
7/2 c9 32Jake Crepeau
Actually, I like that omake. A kid IS more likely to say "poisonous," and Snape's response was completely in character! ;D
7/1 c1 Jake Crepeau
You certainly do have a unique take on this. All the HP/SW crossovers I've read have the Force and magic being one and the same; your approach of describing them as essentially two types of energy, though similar to each other, is a refreshing take.
And I've always suspected that some type of apparition was involved in long-distance owl post, but interstellar...probably even intergalactic? Woah! Hedwig rocks! ;D
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