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for Dueling for Thrones

6/30/2019 c2 6tarrangar
I'm beginning to find this boring, it don't look as if there's much of a balance of power going, it just seem to be Wizards steamrolling Westeros.
6/13/2019 c5 9Gueneviere
Such, such a great fic! I hope you continue it!
1/14/2019 c5 Louise
So, you've abandoned your stories then. First the trueblood ones now these game of thrones ones too. Nice. You might want to work on your problem with following through, just a thought. As I noticed you can't seem to finish off, I think they have a medication for that nowadays.
8/9/2018 c5 71KyliaQuilor
An excellent fic, and I look forward to more when you decide to write it.

Also, fwiw, if you're still in the market for a beta, I'm happy to volunteer.
5/26/2018 c5 Kagugu
thank you for your hard work
4/2/2018 c5 orionastro
a very good story so far, I hope that Harry protects lord stark, against the lannisters, and support the legitimate hardly wait for the next chapters.
3/31/2018 c5 Nate
3/21/2018 c5 1QueenRhiannon
I pray u update soon! It's a great story and I love ur writing style.
2/23/2018 c5 NightlyRowenTree
2/23/2018 c1 NightlyRowenTree
2/17/2018 c1 yesboss21
Its confusing. Thats what it is
2/4/2018 c5 Nouriel
Interesting story, hope to read next chapter soon!
2/3/2018 c5 TrixieVorgberk
I read the story on one morning! It is so good I love how Harry has such an emotional depth. I would like to see more flashbacks of Ron and would be interesting to see how are harry and Ned getting along and talking. I can’t wait for this update again looking forward to reading.
1/26/2018 c1 2Robert and 42
canon with HP character POV's, don't read
1/21/2018 c1 Peon
This is retarded.

Duplicate food that have been put in stasis. Make infinite space. Conjure all necessities. Put up magic that repels muggles. Transfigure a forest into walking murdermachines. Cast Fiendfyre over a town and apparate.

Why the fuck have the 'magi' not conquered all of Westeros and the lands beyond, yet? Why the hell are they even socializing with filthy muggle scum that don't even wash every day?

You are aware that HP-verse wizards have literal infinite magic as well, right?
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