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5/16/2018 c2 58randomplotbunny
This was a wonderful two-shot! :-D
2/2/2018 c2 Tirzma Macet
So another disappointed.
A pity, really. I was expecting some good Star trek. And it was...
But then you had to include very... Unsavoury elements of Star wars. Star wars is a foolish, idiotic, shallow story, while Star trek is full of warmth and richness.
Disappointing indeed.
A shame.
1/9/2018 c2 16SilverChrysanth
So, first of all, I did notice all of your Star Wars references (I'm pretty sure I saw the name Coruscant somewhere in an earlier fic, too), like a few characters and the planet Dagobah. I do have to say, it kind of took me out of the story a bit when you mentioned Boba Fett. I understand you wanted to include these references, but they may have been a bit too many, since having too many can break the immersion a little bit. I was almost starting to wonder if you were putting them in the same universe, since what little information you had in their brief mention seemed accurate for their characters.

Also, I noticed that when you wrote one scene, it was in italics, which confused me a little. If the scene happened before the events in the story and acted as a flashback, it would help the reader by saying so indirectly. But since the scene does seem to be after Garak finding out about the doctor, directly or otherwise, like I mentioned previously, it confused me a little.
You also did the same with the mercenary scene, although I'm not sure if it *was* a flashback or not.

Otherwise, this was a really good chapter. Garak "asking" Quark what he knew was definitely a scare tactic, since he would rarely ever be that forward, and calling for Odo really set the Ferengi off. And Garak's knowing smile about Boba's, ah, indecencies assured me he wasn't out of character, and that he either was using a different tactic for Quark, or was just not taking any risks finding Bashir.

I think my favorite scene, besides the end, was the one directly before that. Julian throwing his plate (or whatever it was) at Garak was, if not powerful, very potent to me, showing so many different emotions Julian might have and probably had during that entire situation. And Garak wouldn't have said that to just anyone in that situation. And the last scene with him not admitting what he did just strengthens the fact that, although he won't ever admit any kind of sentimentality (when he isn't delirious or anything), it's still most definitely there whether he likes it or not.
1/9/2018 c1 SilverChrysanth
I'm going to admit that I really wasn't expecting this premise. But despite how different it is, I think I could actually see it in a DS9 episode; I mean, they've done stranger things, haven't they?

I love the interactions in this, and how even though Julian laughed at first, he realized how difficult it must have been for Garak to be so small and vulnerable, something Cardassians probably hate.

When Julian seemed nervous when entering Garak's quarters, I thought he was afraid he would step on Garak, which was funny. I guess it was because of Dukat, but I'm still going to stick to that head-canon and say it was Julian dodging around the question.

It's also really sweet that Garak nearly slips up in his introspection and calls Julian his friend, and almost gives into his "sentimentality" more than once. And like I mentioned before, your ending line was a perfect close, and a nice reference to one of your previous fics.
1/8/2018 c2 11summerartist
Hee. It's funny that you wrote a Star Wars and Star Trek crossover because I'm doing the exact same thing. I like Garak being bitter about the whole thing and then just plain worried. Friendship rules out it seems and while O'Brien and the others can provide comfort Garak can provide a clever debate in most cases. Lovely if a bit chilling. ;-)
1/4/2018 c1 summerartist
I like how prideful little Garak is with that part with the scanning. That was so good! I've read some mini Julian fics so it's nice to see Garak get the same treatment. Hee.

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