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for Out of One Prison and Into Another

6/2 c19 34Kay Hau
Whoa, this is dark but so good! Pretty addictive, caught up in just two days and definitely alerting this to find out what happens from here! I love how even at his darkest Atsushi is still just… innocent? Empathetic, just all around good, and it’s beautiful how that has a direct impact on Dazai at this very awkward stage of his life, when he goes from being “darkest mafia black” to trying to live up to his promise to Odasaku. Yeah, their relationship isn’t healthy, but like Dazai pointed out, there’s not really any other options (for Atsushi at least), especially with Dazai being the only person capable of shutting down the tiger. Very curious how things will shift as the Armed Detective Agency comes into play (which maybe would mean Atsushi wouldn’t need Dazai so much?) and as Dazai continues to struggle on his quest to be a better person. He’s actually probably already making faster progress than he did in canon, by nature of having Atsushi around as a twisted sort of moral compass.

I was a bit disappointed that Atsushi wasn’t somehow able to save Oda, but then I suppose Dazai would never have broken from the Port Mafia. Ouch. And I definitely miss the strange rivalry and awesome team up of Akutagawa and Atsushi, but it makes sense that Dazai wouldn’t have taken in Atsushi if he still had an apprentice. The way Akutagawa and Gin died both make sense in this story too.

Looking forward to those other stories you mentioned are still in the planning stages, like Chuuya mentoring Atsushi! What an interesting idea, since we know from Chuuya’s backstory arc how protective he is of those under him. We saw a bit of that in here, and I agree it makes sense that if they’d been on the same side that Chuuya would probably respect Atsushi’s talent/potential as well as be protective of his more sensitive nature. I personally find their two abilities the most interesting and probably the most powerful, and there’s that interesting touch that they both would rely on Dazai for their ‘ultimate form’, hmm…

Anyway, this is getting long, so I’ll leave this review with Great Job, Well-Written, Fascinating Plot!
4/18 c19 HOLAA913
omg omg the bonding? also rip atsushi that was rlly considerate of dazai?
4/18 c19 11jilnachtaugen
I'm in utter shock. That chapter was so heavy in terms of raw emotions. It's heartbreaking to see Atsushi beginning to trust Dazai and know that at some point he is going to learn that terrible secret. My heaaaaaaaaart! I can only pray my baby won't be broken beyond repair. I'm shaking in my boots!

It's so nice to have you back though! I can't wait to see where this is going!
1/28 c18 Bungoufan
Hi, hope all is well. I really hope ch 19 comes soon. Im addicted.
1/1 c18 Dratias
AAAAHHHH This fic is amazing! By far my favorite one for this series! Love it love it love it! Will Chuuya be making an appearance again soon? In this story, did Dazai kill Akutagawa during that one flashback scene in the anime when he shot him but his power protected him? Man I'm excited to see how the relationship between these two grow in the time it takes before they can join the agency.. It'll take a lot of work and trust, but I'm really hoping they can grow from being survivors together to becoming true friends. Fantastic fic 10/10. can't wait to see what you post next!
12/3/2020 c1 20Fire Red Fox Queen
Hiyo, Sakura-san. I mean nothing by this, so I hope you don't take any offense. But I wanted to let you know that your story at its very base (Atsushi taking Akutagawa's place as Dazai's apprentice in the Mafia) is the same as an existing novel BSD: BEAST. I haven't read it yet, nor have I read your story, but I'm under the impression that 1. They're at least somewhat different (thus my request for you not to take offense). And 2, I have a feeling they're going to end very differently. (Because I did spoil that for myself, and damn, I'm excited to read the novel myself. But don't ruin it for yourself, okay?) Anyway, I just wanted to let you know because I thought you might want to read it when the official English translation comes out. See what's similar and see what's different. See if you like both, or maybe you think your version is better. That sorta thing. Though I will say that BEAST can probably be considered canon rather than just an AU because of the presence and use of the Book. So I do think that is a good way to make an AU simultaneously part of the 'canon' universe, ya know? I don't know if you used it here or not, but I think it's a device worth consideration for other fics.
11/16/2020 c18 11jilnachtaugen
I missed this so much and I am absolutely THRILLED to see Atsushi making some progress and Dazai being so dedicated to becoming a better person. Thank you for this! I can’t wait to see where this is going next ! Also, Atsushi liking chameleons is sooooo cute and heartwarming!
11/15/2020 c18 3Land of Insanity
Not gonna lie, I want that chameleon mug now
11/14/2020 c18 HOLAA913
YAY you're back! I loved the chapter- still getting mixed vibes from dazai tho (I mean, I didnt like him in the show either sooo)
11/14/2020 c18 3PenguinOtaku
Oh geez. Dazai trying to be nice but actually being threatening is sort of hilarious. I'm really like how you're shaping the character progression. It's not too abrupt but you can also clearly see how both Dazai and Atsushi's relationship is changing.

Thanks for the new chapter!
9/25/2020 c17 MoruReview
Incredible emotional roller coaster so far. Can't wait for the next chapter on your spin of events.
9/25/2020 c6 MoruReview
So far this has been a captivating fiction. I loved this Chuuya/Atsushi chapter. They are so good for each other. 3
7/31/2020 c17 PenguinOtaku
Thanks for the chapter! I can't wait for the detective agency to make its way into this story!
7/22/2020 c17 Guest
This is one of the best stories I've read in a while. It is very well written, I can't wait to see how this will end. Though it sucks that it is close to over.
7/15/2020 c15 Guest
Thus story is amazing its my favorite I've do far
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