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for Out of One Prison and Into Another

10/31/2019 c15 11Consumer
Yeees. Update! Yay! I missed you. One thing I like and would enjoy seeing more of, is Atsushi feeling like he can't trust Dazai but doesn't really realize how much he is trusting him. In the show and bit of the manga I read he always had this vibe of forcing himself to mistrust people which I kinda feel when reading this. I like reading how his trust isn't misplaced and when it very much is misplaced in Dazai. He's always torn but seems to have made up his mind on trusting and yet not trusting him. Good old inner conflict.

Hope you update this story and the other ones soon because I liked your stuff. Because you're cool.
10/31/2019 c15 fuiopu98
The two of them are trying pretty hard to bond together. It's kinda… cute? Good chapter btw
10/15/2019 c14 Metaphorical Tables
ooh this is good
angsty, obviously, but like, not unrealistically
I like it
10/6/2019 c14 Guest
This was amazing, I hope you write about the dynamic they have. Will Atushi still be nervous and scared of his mentor later. If they join the agency how will others react to there dynamic and Atushis fear of dazai. Honestly this was amazing and I hope you update or make a sequel.
9/16/2019 c14 UntamedWolf2217
I absolutely love this story! You are a wonderful author and you portray the characters perfectly. While you, by any chance, be updating again soon?
9/6/2019 c1 1RipleyL
This is awesome
9/5/2019 c14 11jilnachtaugen
Yes! They finally talked about the DAD! Now I'm really curious about Dazai's plan for the next two years? Is the mafia coming after them? Who else are they gonna meet on the way? Will there be lots of trouble? I can't wait to find out!

Also, I'm now REALLY curious about why Dazai killed Akutagawa.
9/2/2019 c14 12SakushiRyu
Two words: great story.

I can't wait to read more. Good luck with your next chapter!
9/1/2019 c14 Vicky09
Your story is wonderful, many thanks for writing it and share it with us, i'm in love with this
8/30/2019 c13 Vicky09
7/22/2019 c13 11jilnachtaugen
I think it's adorable how Dazai tries to become a better person with Atsushi and is just being really clumsy about it. It really fits the vibe you had going for this story. You're so good at this! I am shivering in anticipation. I'm so scared of what'll happen if the mafia finds them! Though I'd be really interested in knowing how it would go if Chuuya found them since he did have a soft spot for Atsushi. Oh and I also want to see them meet some member of the future that last sentence made my skin crawl! AAARRRG! PLEASE GIVE ME MORE!
7/16/2019 c1 Ms. Meow
This fic is amazing because it realistically answers the question of ‘What if Atsushi meet Dazai in his Port Mafia years?’

It’s dark, angst filled and beautiful. I’m in love.

I can’t wait for the next chapter and all but dying to find out if or how the Agency deals with this version of the shows two main characters.
7/5/2019 c12 Hina
! This! Fic! I love it! I'm not kidding when I say that this is everything I've been looking for. I'd actually been planning to make my own fic, because I just couldn't seem to find these very specific things I was looking for, and suddenly, here we are. You have no idea how happy I am I found this wonderful fic. Have you posted this on AO3? I don't have a account and I'd love to be able to follow this fic! Either way, I love this fic, and I'll be sure to check up on it every chance I get (I actually went to bed after making it halfway through and I felt really sad I had to leave the fic behind. And when I woke up, one of the first things I thought was: "nice, now I can finish reading it" )
6/11/2019 c12 jilnachtaugen
*sniffle* I knew this was coming and I still wasn't prepared. But thank you for sparing us the details of Odasaku's death and making it offscreen. Oh and thank you for that detail of Dazai rigging Chuuya's car. Priceless!
The plot's got me on the edge of my seat though! What's gonna happen now that they're fugitives? Again, it's always a pleasure to get a notification for this story!
6/11/2019 c12 Gomkuro
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