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for Out of One Prison and Into Another

8/27/2018 c7 84TheSilverHunt3r
Welp, saw this coming.
I pretty much spent the entire chapter going, ‘dang, son. That’s messed up.’
My thoughts on Atsushi’s trust in Dazai breaking: You can see the moment when his heart breaks in half.
Kudos. God bless.
7/20/2018 c5 thanzintay.2000
... He died!? What!?... I'm more of a fan on reverse but this is amazing too... Please don't stop
5/29/2018 c5 joshgray
this is an amazing fanfic you did really well on showing how someone like Atsushi react to the fucked up shit you have to do in the portmafia very few people bother to take his kind nature into account when there making fanfics like this most people just do a complete 180 and make a complete sociopath which just doesn't fit at all and honestly it's way more interesting to think about what he would be like in the mafia as the person he have you heard of the beast Au light novel it's pretty much a canon version of what this is show check it out.
4/28/2018 c5 58De hearts 26
Dazai why? You made Atsushi become a killer, now he'll be traumatized for life. How could you? I haven't seen Infinity War, but my brother said it was emotional so I'll find a way to watch it. I'm trying to watch Dead Apple since last month, guess I'll need to wait a little longer.
3/24/2018 c1 Numinous Scribe
I really enjoy the concept of Atsushi being found by the mafia before the ADA— then again I always do enjoy a good reversed role au. It's nice to see Dazai actually in character while he's still in the mafia. I've read a few things already that make him out to be the complete goof case he usually acts like after turning to the good side and it's been quite off-putting. So again, it's nice that you've got a handle on his serious side. Atsushi being his timid, desperate self is made even more believable knowing that he's 14 and was technically still in the midst of all that emotional abuse back at the orphanage. I'm looking forward to seeing how these two versions of Dazai and Atsushi will come to co-exist.
2/18/2018 c3 Gabbyrose124
This is so good! Please update! I really wanna see them go on a mission
2/8/2018 c2 4The Black Cat 666
Now I'm all curious as to what happened to Akutagawa. This is a good story! I look forward to reading more of it in the future
1/5/2018 c1 58De hearts 26
If Atsushi was in the Port Mafia instead of the ADA, this should be interesting. I wonder what interaction he will have when he meets Oda? That will be a dream come true. Is Akutagawa in the Armed Detective Agency? Happy New Year! :)
1/5/2018 c1 ScarletCrimson16
I really like it, I hope you continue soon
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