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for Oberst vs the Paperwork

6/29/2019 c1 5booey875
I found this story due to your win in the Papa Bear Awards for 2019 and it did not disappoint. This fic truly proves the point that if you are a writer and have a thought and it won't leave your head, there is perhaps a reason and you better write it down.

It is admirable how much you were able to impact a reader with just 698 words. I really appreciate how you were able to keep the reader guessing throughout. Your description of the "reports" and how inefficient they were demonstrated a keen knowledge of the episode this was based on.
3/28/2019 c1 63JustPaulInHere
You killed me ! I knew I should not be reading such things in the LIBRARY. It was just a nicely written scene betwenn Klink and Hilda until the last few sentences ! My god, I remember Hogan's line now ! This episode is one of the best ! I must admit I use the Gonculator sometimes when I have a philosophy essay to write on how tricky the language can be ! The french translation is even better 'Gorgonculateur'... thank you :D
2/23/2019 c1 26Thaddeus MacChuzzlewit
Oh my gosh. I actually spit out my drink at the last line. This is hilarious! I did not see that coming. Good job :-D I really liked the gentle, descriptive lead up to the finale. The word choice is excellent, things like the 'daunting task', 'threats of danger and sabotage' really pulled me into the protagonist's head-space: his way of thinking about himself and his job. The descriptions of the paperwork in particular were so funny. Great job on this!
2/7/2019 c1 8LightShiner14
Oh my goodness! I thought this was Klink all the way through! Then I read the colonel’s name and laughed harder than I have in quite a while! Kline vs the Gonculator has always been one of my favorite episodes and this story was the absolutely perfect tag into it!
1/6/2019 c1 21Wind-in-the-Sage
One of the best oneshots I've ever seen! I love it when canon is more fully explained, and you're right, this had to be addressed! When you work for a bureaucracy like that of the fatherland, someone is going to get stuck with the paperwork. Unfortunately, it had to be his name that got Col Schuimdt stuck with it. I feel so sorry for him. He's probably what's keeping the whole machine running.

I like how you waited till *almost* the end to slip his name in. It gave us some time to truly appreciate his frustration before that zinger of a last line. The napkins are what Klink was mad at Berlin for, but he deserves Col Schmidt being mad at him for sending that on. And it is a challenge to write a whole 700 words about doing paperwork. You mixed it in well with the sneaky characterization.
Great job!
1/5/2019 c1 71snooky-9093
Hahahaha! You had me going there, I will admit. And I also admit I was taken aback by your description of the subject's faith in the cause.

Your quote regarding efficiency...brilliant.

A very nice humorous piece.
1/4/2019 c1 2Aker-ldh
Ahaha! That's a good one! I already found the description of the joys of bureaucracy – especially its efficiency (marvelous paragraph that) – amusing, but the twist at the end is hilarious. You had me totally fooled (great description, right down to the cocoa). Admittedly, it would have been an unusually sympathetic moment between the two, but considering the sheer flood of work not an impossible one, I think.

Beautifully executed story with a punch line delivered right to the point. It's short but very effective ;). I'm glad you gave us this view of the other side of the stack of paperwork.
12/31/2018 c1 39Book 'em Again
I enjoyed how you played with and subverted expectations in this story. From episode note, I expected to read something about the Gonculator - digging through reports to figure out what is perhaps? However, it quickly becomes apparent that this story is about the much more mundane regular, boring, unending paperwork. I like the line that questioned the efficiency of multiple efficiency reports. The you add little details to convince the reader, the narrator is Klink - lack of hair, the secretary's blond braids, etc. Their conversation was my first clue that something else was up, it felt a little off for Klink and Hilda. And then we get the reveal and a well done one at that. Yeah, if I was him, I'd be a little upset at Klink too.

Nice little story that made me chuckle. Good job!
12/27/2018 c1 6Sophia Villo
Well played there. You had me seeing Klink right up until the reveal. How you wrote it with avoiding using any proper name seemed odd to me at first and I wondered why you did that, was it just your style or was the a reason? And then the payoff and I was like "I should have seen that one coming!"

But poor Colonel Schmidt. From the amount of paperwork you describe I wonder if more than just Klink was pushing off his work to him. Thank you for posting!
11/24/2018 c1 23Tuttle4077
Hahaha. Oh poor Colonel Schmidt, ya gotta feel a little sorry for the guy. But just a little.
7/3/2018 c1 10Khebidecia
I quite enjoyed this little fic back when you first published it. For being so short, it is also both charming and slightly sympathy-invoking. Of course, considering which side of the war Colonel Schmidt is on, the sympathy is not too great.

In the episode we saw Klink initially take Hogan's paperwork advice, but I love how here you indicated that readdressing the paperwork was something he continued to do. As for the scratching paper noises reminding him of rabbits, perhaps a few gonculators would help out here, that is if they weren't so highly classified.
3/6/2018 c1 19la-hija-de-Dios
XD Poor Johann!
1/13/2018 c1 1NickTonyK
Too funny! Had me giggling!
1/8/2018 c1 66Sgt. Moffitt
Ha! Should have seen that one coming. Well done!
1/5/2018 c1 momgobloo
LOL! Too funny! :-D
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