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9/10 c19 SuperWonderStan
What an aptly chosen song for this. Well done. This hit the right fluffy notes.
9/10 c18 SuperWonderStan
What a sweet chapter.

Perfect. Just like Clark and D people act like they don't understand why Superman and Wonder Woman, they just need to read scenes like these.

JL/U (DCAU) got many so confused as to who Diana is with the way the show warped her character and diminished her connection with Clark. It's fascinating how many have bought into the forced BM/WW thing when if they actually bothered to dig into the history of ClarkDiana they would know how left field and contrived it is to suggest Diana would go after a man like Bruce. But I guess whatever to serve the wish fulfillment of Bat fans for their Bat-god.
9/9 c17 Guest
Astrea is the sweetest! Always excited to get to read a new story with her. She truly is Clark and Diana’s daughter. Can’t wait for more stories! :)
9/9 c19 5jdcocoagirl
9/9 c19 maude2010
Beautiful. I really like when you write stories of WW/SM and their daughter.
9/8 c18 ArtimuosJackson
is this chapter flashback?
9/8 c18 jdcocoagirl
aww so cute
9/7 c17 Deia Silva
I love baby Astrea so much! I close my eyes and I can see her! I can't wait to see her fighting zombies... err did I say zombies? What is in my mind? A baby fighting zombies... oh I said zombies again? Damn... zombies... but... you know, maybe it is cool a baby fighting zombies... I like zombies a little... but just a little... very little... XD
9/7 c17 Guest
MY EMOTIONS! Loving baby Astrea! Please more stories with her! And the feels of Clark and Diana as a couple! You really capture their character and them as a couple! Love it! Love it!
9/1 c17 jdcocoagirl
9/1 c17 La De Rosa
Aawww! Astrea is such a sweet little girl! I love this story, btw. Keep it up! I look forward to your updates.
8/31 c17 16HELLACRE13
Awwww. Astrea is so precious. I love this chap. She is the living embodiment of her parents goodness.
8/31 c17 Guest
Please don’t ever stop writing baby Astrea! She’s just too cute! The way you write Clark and Diana as parents is such a joy! They have such amazing chemistry and the greatest Power Couple ever!
8/31 c17 SuperWonderStan
Wish I could double tap on this chapter. Baby Astrea is the sweetest.
8/31 c17 Guest
Doce e lindo
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