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5/15 c27 1Kyranus
Just found this story today, and I loved the one-shots with Astrea. If the inspiration ever strikes you, I hope you would consider writing something more about her
4/10 c27 Guest
Obrigada por fazer parte do grupo de escritores desse casal maravilhoso.
Para nos ,fas,e um prazer ler historias que para nos fazem tanto sentido.
Parabens por mais uma historia.
4/9 c27 Guest
Love your story. Please keep it coming. Thank you!
4/9 c27 5jdcocoagirl
wow this so fluffy, warm and fuzzy. its almost like a proposal of unity.

i hope your safe...
3/21 c26 Guest
I do realize that finding the proper combination of action/adventure, romance, & humor is difficult at best for every single story. TV & movies struggle with that all of the time. I suppose that putting varying quantities of emphasis on each factor keeps everything fresh because there is no such thing as the "perfect" ratio? I've probably answered my unspoken question. As far as my insistence on proper English I have a parent who is NOT a native speaker of English, not even as a 2nd language. This parent has always worked very hard at speaking high-quality English & some of that has "rubbed off." I do appreciate good-quality stories from any writer, even if they do need some editing. I agree that WW & SM are a natural fit all the way back to when WW was 1st invented. I would just love it if the DC movie dept. would just throw caution away & make a series of films with SMWW as a married couple.
3/19 c23 Guest
*GASP !* Diana no longer wears the WW uniform/armor? Who does? Donna? Cassie? Or does she just keep it in a drawer? Hopefully she still wears the gauntlets and carries the Lasso of Truth.
3/19 c22 Guest
I'm assuming that because WW is a demigoddess she doesn't have to worry about stretch marks and saggy skin. Would I also be correct in assuming that she doesn't need to wear Kryptonian-style Wonder Spanx? Ok, I'm trying to be silly. When you're a parent AND a grandparent those things become important.
3/18 c17 Guest
Just wondering: If SM & WW are living openly why doesn't SM use his real (birth) name, his wife as Diana-El, & their daughter as Astrea Kal-El? This would allow them to abandon the artificiality of "Wonder Woman" & "Superman" as well as "Diana Prince" & "Clark Kent." All of those names are not their real & true selves.
3/18 c13 Guest
I've noticed that you do use the word "nor" a little too much especially in a double negative fashion. I've also noticed that you keep using "passed" when you should be using "past."
3/18 c12 Guest
I know, it's just me being a bit of a spoilsport, but I prefer that WW & SM somehow keep their "super" life separate from their family life. As if such a thing were actually possible.
3/18 c10 Guest
I forgot to say that once in awhile I like longer stories wherein Lois is overly (& foolishly) possessive of SM (even if only as a source of stories) but is at least as dismissive of Clark. It's interesting to see Lois treat Clark as a barely adequate flunky while Diana treats him as a real person (as Clark & again as SM).
3/18 c10 Guest
Sorry but there's WAY too much "sugar" in this one.
3/18 c9 Guest
Eve though this story is the perfect length, I wish that each story was longer only because I don't want them to end.
3/18 c8 Guest
As silly as it sounds, calling SM's spaceship a "rocket" is so 1938. Only a VERY few scientists & engineers from the 1930's realized the inherent limitations of liquid fueled rockets. In the mid-1960's "Star Trek" went on the air. Matter-Anti Matter engines were chosen because actual anti-matter had only recently been discovered ("positrons"-positive charged electrons-in nature they are negatively charged). My best but still very wild guess is that SM's "tiny" experimental starship could be the size of a World War 2 aircraft carrier. There are huge problems in making, storing, & using enough anti-matter to power a starship. Another problem: "SM: the Movie" implies that SM was born many galaxies distant from ours while the "Supergirl" tv series states that Krypton & Earth are in the same galaxy. If we go with SM:tM then SM needed some kind of suspended animation. DC/Warner has created too many canon problems!
3/18 c5 Guest
Lynda Carter has beautiful golden skin because she is at least part-Hispanic. I don't know how she ended up with light blue eyes. On one of the commentary tracks of her WW tv series she said it was the chemical properties of the color film stock that made her eyes much bluer than they really are. She's tall for a woman of the mid-1970's (5' 9" /- 1 inch). From the front she looks exactly like everyone expects WW to look (but from the side she has no...glutes). Incidentally, I've read that Julie Newmar (the original Catwoman) was about 5' 11" (and an EXTREMELY talented pianist!). Gal Gadot was given very serious fitness and fight training (and it shows) whereas it seems that Ms. Carter may have been given none (and, sadly, it shows). Also, the series was burdened with too many very silly scripts (it didn't get serious until the last couple of episodes). The reason why the show was so silly is that the series creator was some kind of a holdover from "Bat-Clown" 1966. The WW movie director was dedicated to make WW a serious, even believable, character. She succeeded brilliantly!
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