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16h c14 3Heaven Ascension DIO
Get your rest. Survive.
17h c14 thecorrupted
Hope you have a quick recovery. Physiotherapy can be tedious, from my personal experience.
18h c14 3Ipponme
hope u get better
6/18 c13 Krysvun
At this point, AnR is probably our last resort lmao
6/18 c14 RegulusFire
get well soon dude and hope the surgery goes well. Take your time to recover and get back to top condition
6/18 c14 1Vegerot7
Good luck on your recovery! We hope to see you back up again!
6/7 c13 Guest
Great story!
5/24 c13 Faisal Khalid
Damnn this story is soo good and plzz give us long chapters. This chp is very short but im glad you updated. Ahh can't wait for the next chp
5/23 c13 3Ipponme
I think Isayama was trying too hard near the end, man had created a masterpiece that had rocked the world, and ending such a spectacular series musta been difficult. also, it has been teased we might a sequel thoughts on that?
5/23 c13 taiwoeretan1
Oh i can feel the fluff from here.
5/22 c13 Guest
Tell me about it. I didn’t think it could get worse, but it did. IT DID.
5/22 c13 BlinDead
Yay an update
5/21 c13 just a random reader here
love these short chapters haha
5/21 c13 6Rankin de Merthyr
LMAO did you read the extra panels? We warned you not too xD
5/21 c13 sasukesdoom
ROFL, that's exactly what my sentiments are regarding the ending. I'd already made peace with the fact that Eren was likely going to die, but shiet dude that was even more non-sensical than I expected.

Thanks for the update
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