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3/19 c1 12I Dalmata Fan I
This is just a Power Fantasy ... a really bad and inconsistent one.
3/18 c19 Guest
Please update again soon.
3/11 c4 VastoLorrde
Why does the MC talk too much?
He's just giving out alot of info to the girls.. Ughhh
3/4 c1 sypootra
magnus smirked
magnus smirked
magnus smirked
magnus smirked
magnus smirked
3/1 c19 Kuroshi Ansatsusha87
Awwwww man I LOVE this story! It's so very interesting and funny, heart-wrenching yet also heart-warming! How will Quirrellmort react to the death of Peter?! What's his next move against Manus? Albus' next move? How will Harry and the others react to Sirius being innocent and his new custody situation? Will Ron become a better person? Please update when you get a chance?!
2/28 c19 tylermk
my favorite harry potter fanfic! wish there was more
2/28 c19 1Lollius
NOOOOO it ended hereso good
2/25 c1 pdena23
The fanon is strong with this one just the first chapter already, and tons of fanon. Since your character has read the books, I assume you have too, so I'm sure you *do* know lots is fanon, and you're just including it because it spices up the world or something, but just in case you don't know (I would know because I was convinced so many fanon things were canon until I searched it up) and in case readers who are checking the reviews don't know, here is a list of relevant fanon, from the Harry Potter TVTropes Fanon page:

Fans think certain spells exist that don't really, like:
• "Wards" as a common kind of protective magic. While such magic does exist, it's never called a "ward" — rather, a protective "enchantment", "charm", or "spell". The word "ward" is used exactly once in the books, and not in this context.
• "Magical cores", basically Power Levels, which show up in 90% of Harry Potter fan-fiction. If anything, the idea that every witch or wizard has some sort of innate genetic magical potential rather misses the point of the entire series. Fanon additionally posits that said "cores" can be suppressed in some way.

Fans think: "Ancient and Noble Houses" are a thing. This based entirely off of the styling of the "Noble and Most Ancient House of Black" (note the different word order), designed to show that Sirius was from a very old-fashioned and supremacist family which he didn't fit into. Fanfic, on the other hand, has spun this into a whole raft of plot devices, like:
• - Magical "Lord rings", which characters will inherit at the point when they become Lords, allowing Harry to pick up a powerful magical artifact and style himself "Lord Potter". One common power for these rings is to compel the obedience of other members of one's House.
• In canon: Sirius mentions such a thing once, as a way to mock his Pureblood-obsessed family. Even if it exists, it likely has no power of compulsion, considering that he ran away from home while underage and no one stopped him.

- Fans think: Gringotts does everything. In fanfic, the place offers a wide variety of services like: probating wills; investing Lords, Ladies, and Heirs; emancipating minors; assigning guardians to minors; healing; warding property; and determining when a wizard has died and notifying their next of kin.
In canon: It's a magical bank. It does bank stuff, like storing gold, lending gold, excavating tombs for gold, vaults for other expensive stuff, and possibly gambling. (Ludo Bagman in Goblet of Fire is shown owing big gambling debts to goblins, who are seen basically nowhere other than Gringotts, but it's not actually specified that they're affiliated with the bank.) We see two wills being probated, one by Dumbledore and the other by Scrimgeour (then Minister for Magic), neither of whom are involved with Gringotts. And as shown with Wormtail, Bertha Jorkins, and all three Crouches, absent a body there is no surefire way to determine if and when someone has died.

- Fans think: Any rich pureblood family's home is named "[Family] Manor". It's named after "Malfoy Manor", first used (or at least codified) by The Draco Trilogy (although the story actually uses "Malfoy Manor" and "Malfoy Mansion" interchangeably) and later named for real in Deathly Hallows.
This led to the idea that every rich wizard family does the same thing, like "Black Manor" (Jossed in Order of the Phoenix by the house's simple address of 12 Grimmauld Place) and "Snape Manor" (also Jossed as it was revealed Snape's father was a muggle, and they lived in a plain house at Spinner's End in Cokeworth - where Snape continues to live until his death).

The use of Fanon isn't particularly egregious to me lol, I'll try to power through it and ignore it, because I'm sure the story you're trying to tell is worth it, and could be interesting
2/20 c9 Ltbutterfly287
Ok this is starting to annoy me, you’ve been writing this for five fucking years. The fact that I’m nearly half way done with this and we are only now getting to the broom lesson is ridiculous. You are putting a gross amount of focus on every minor event from HP and far to much into detail that the story is going at a snail pace. If you can’t resolve an entire school year in 3-6 chapters then it’s going for to long. It's only made worse by the abysmal update speed.
2/20 c8 Ltbutterfly287
Cedrella is dead, but ok your the writer here so you can change things with impunity. This is a good but my one gripe is that you have far to many fanfiction tropes all thrown together. The worst of which is the goblin business. Gringotts is a bank filled with goblins who want nothing more then to kill everyone. The idea that they are loyal to anyone is ridiculous and the idea that they offer services like goblin healers was always an idiotic trope, not to mention there is no reason for goblins to be so good at everything.
2/20 c5 Ltbutterfly287
Ravenclaws don't pursue knowledge for the sake of achieving their aims, they pursue it for the sake of pursuing it.
2/20 c4 Ltbutterfly287
not being sorted in Slytherin in an a attempt to be cunning is retarded. That logic is such a ridiculous leap it's not even funny. Please stop trying to make him hyper intelligent it comes off as idiotic. Slytherin is the best place for the cunning and ambitious because one it allows you to hone your cunning and allows you to forge connections with others who will possess a position of power one day. The houses hone your characteristics to sort yourself somewhere else in ana attempt to hide yourself would merely choke those characteristics. Not to mention it's pretty pointless unless he has some stupid reason to deceive everyone.
2/20 c3 Ltbutterfly287
Honestly I think a magical raven would have been more interesting then a phoenix
2/20 c1 Ltbutterfly287
Only idiots think the magical world is stuck in the eighteen hundreds seriously most of the backwards things people cite are fandom beliefs and ideas. Even then either you don't understand how magic works or the OC doesn't cause you can't just cast unforgivables. They require a strong desire for instance the killing curse requires pure hatred to use which most people can't do, Crucio requires you to want and enjoy inflicting pain on others. Then you are saying that it's impossible for Voldemort and his followers to defeat magical Britain with a few death eaters and a handful of magical creatures, well most of magical Britain aren't warriors only a extreme minority are actually skilled in any way in terms of combative power. Then you treat his magical creatures like a small amount when in reality in had hundreds of werewolf's which is a ridiculously dangerous number, along with about a hundred giants and god knows how many trolls and other such creatures. If anything the odds were in his favor, it also wasn't fought like a typical war it was more of a slowly bleeding the ministry dry and chocking the community into submission with fear tactics and subterfuge.
2/18 c19 Guest
with how outrageous it was getting it makes sense it was dropped
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