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7/8/2018 c7 22gandalf537
BB-8's talking is hilarious. Great chapter!
7/8/2018 c7 3pagan-seijou
OMG! Once again loved BB-8's commentary on Poe's mental health. The Mastermind's internal dialogue is great! Still love the Discount Vader moniker. And our human protagonists are so ridiculously, ludicrously in character, it's just glorious. This whole fic is comedic genius!
6/25/2018 c6 Sparkle
On the Resistance side, maybe Finn could do a tell-all interview? Then Hux and Ren try to bully another trooper into refuting it? That would be hilarious
5/31/2018 c6 pagan-seijou
Uh oh! I can't wait! Loved it all. BB-8's comments to Poe were freaking hilarious. The smile smile attempt. If I've learned anything from binge watching 'Blue Mountain State,' is that high-pitched screams usually end with finding something hilariously disturbing... or disturbingly hilarious. LOL!
5/28/2018 c6 22gandalf537
BB-8's talking is hilarious. And all of this is hilarious.
5/22/2018 c5 3pagan-seijou
I laughed so hard, I snorted cookies and cream affogato up my nose. Ouch. I just loved the whole thing. The Stormtroopers and their emotional range. BB-9E as the world's worst therapy droid. The rampant Poe thoughts. Hux not even defending the little mixer in his quarters. And to be fair, who didn't hate middle school? LOL!
5/19/2018 c5 22gandalf537
Hilarious chapter!
5/19/2018 c5 62Kondoru
Kylo Ren has a seriously messed up family. No wonder he turned into a Goth.
4/25/2018 c4 Adawnsong103
I read this chapter in the orthodontist waiting room and it was a real struggle to keep my laughter inside
4/25/2018 c2 Adawnsong103
That was the only shape his broken scissors would cut?! Lol with tears in my eyes! Well done! Thank you for sharing this story!
3/25/2018 c1 rainne.2000.16
This has me laughing so hard :D
3/11/2018 c4 3pagan-seijou
LOL! Too! Damn! Funny! Now I just want to know what BB-9E's master plan is. And popcorn.
3/10/2018 c4 22gandalf537
This is golden. BB-9E being the “Mastermind” is amazing, and the nicknames are hilariously perfect. Great chapter!
3/10/2018 c4 Imekh Melaff
Oh. My. Kriffing. Force. This is kriffing hilarious. I love it! I was in the the backseat of the car with my dad driving, and I had to stifle my laughter to the point where I was quietly gasping. “Stress ball”!

Oh, force, please write more!

3/9/2018 c4 Nightfall37
Lol... Wonderful story! Really, it makes me wonder what bb8 has on his mind...
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