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for Harry Potter and The Chance at a New Life

5/16 c18 CommunityDirector
Loved the story really hope a new chapter comes out soon! Also the senator definitely has a bomb in his stomach right?
5/15 c14 CommunityDirector
Why doesn’t Harry already know they went to one of his planets? Did those guards not report it?
5/15 c18 7udkudk
Great chapter. I hope sensors in Stargate facility are as capable as cloak penetrating sensors in Ships and Satellites. I'm waiting your next chapter with great anticipation.
5/14 c2 1Eagleone 55
Hi, I like what you have done with this story. I am hoping that you would finish it.
Thank you
5/13 c8 CommunityDirector
Ooo unidentified ship. I hope this means this universe is slightly more different than the TV show and we get some extra aliens!
5/13 c7 CommunityDirector
I hope he decides to add a planetary shield at some point since even with all these defenses if they bombard a part of the planet not protected they could cause ecological disaster that devastates what he’s built
5/13 c6 CommunityDirector
FINALLY someone actually used the cold fusion reactors from the DHD that’s always overlooked in my opinion and they just jump straight to Naquadriah or a ZPM
5/12 c2 CommunityDirector
This should be entertaining!
5/12 c1 CommunityDirector
Lovely setup can’t wait to see where it goes!
5/10 c18 CrimsonMoon1511
Love this and very much looking forward to the continuation of this story
5/7 c17 kristinamanga
il aurait dû choisir burger king plutôt que McDonald's... c'est meilleur chez burger king ! x)
5/6 c18 Spacemonkey777
Gosh it has been too long since the update. But darn the story is good. My most favorite SG1 fanfiction to be honest. Keep up the cool work!
5/6 c18 Guest
Great story! I hope more is coming :)
4/29 c1 David Fleming
Have you abandon this story? because I love it and think it's one of the best I have read.
4/28 c18 Guest
Thank you for the great chapter and can't wait for you next one!
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