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1/25 c15 Dressyone22
Cool chapter. I can't wait to meet this mysterious bandit leader who likes strong people, I bet she'll be a real delight to interact with.
1/25 c15 7ancientdragonduelist
Did not go as I was expecting!

Some humanity from the bandits. Pyrrha defending the assholes. The absolute monster of a Grimm.

Was sure this village would be exterminated for their alliance to Salem. But now... now I’m not so sure.
1/25 c15 bassplayer123
I'm going to have to agree with the reviewer that said Pyrrha meeting Raven would be a disaster. Raven is a toxic bitch that shouldn't be allowed within half a mile of any child. I just know she'd try to prey on Pyrrha's vulnerability at this point in time and try to convert Pyrrha to her survival of the fittest ideology.
1/24 c15 17ImSoAwesome
Oooohhh I really liked this one. First the banter between Pyrrha and the bandits was surprisingly, yet fittingly hilarious. Pyrrha continues to be a compelling read all throughout and definitely my favorite part of this fic. This was. Really good fight for many reason.s first, the technicals. The flow and stakes of the fight are really good for what’s really just a Grimm encounter, but Inwas really invested in it because of just how many ways it could have ended. I certainly didn’t expect it to end with everyone getting bodied me the Grimm running off, and yet it works perfectly. Little miss invincible girl wan’t so invincible right then and I love that subtlety to her arc. And joining the bandits? Never expected that. Now I’m very excited to see how you write Raven cuz hoooooo a chat between her and this Pyrrha is sure to be phenomenal. Great chapter as always dude.
1/24 c15 5RedShirt1453
Pyrrha joining the bandits would be awesome!
1/24 c15 3ZHsteven
Alright, that whole first section before the Grimm had me giggling at the banter. Pyrrha was 100% done with their bullshit.

I'm not sure if I like the idea of this Pyrrha getting introduced to the Branwen Tribe. She's already got issues, the last thing she needs is Raven getting inside her head.
1/18 c14 Guest
So when is Jaune coming back? I’m not about to read through all this angst unless there’s a happy ending.
1/6 c14 4EternalInternalScreaming
For some *unknown* to me reason, Pyrrha the Murdergirl works bettter in this scenario.
1/5 c14 4TacoKing23
Oh, that can't be good. I doubt those villagers have good intentions for Ruby and friends.

Pyrrha definitely has the potential to fall, at the moment. It is interesting to watch her mental state develop. Hopefully she runs into something that makes her realize the potential issues she is sliding toward, because she seems unlikely to realize it on her own.
1/4 c14 3MajorBrony95
Boy. Talk about an unexpected chapter.

That bit with the flashback was pretty heart wrenching. Piper Nora and Ren .

Oh. My. God. A VILLAGE DEDICATED TO SALEM!? Something tells me that the others had better run. They seemed PRETTY happy to have Ruby in their midst. I wouldn't be surprised if they SACRIFICED Silver Eyes to Salem! Would be interesting if Qrow showed up to save them and they had to kill the villagers in order to escape

Not only do the heroes meet a (slightly) dubious village of people, but Pyrrha apparently has met up with Shay from the Branwen Tribe. Pyrrha may very well meet Raven next.
1/4 c14 6Krionik
Just caught up with this fic after falling off it for a good while. And all I can say is yikes. Got concern all over. Concern for Pyrrha, thinking that talking to a picture is "good for her sanity," concern for Team RNR, with their pit stop in Salem. Can't wait to see where it goes next, lol.
1/3 c14 17ImSoAwesome
Another great chapter, I can honestly say I didn’t expect this to happen. You seriously had me thinking they were going to enter a village and learn about Ruby’s silver eyes from some ancient clan or something, but the twist that they are Salem worshippers makes it infinitely more interesting. I legitimately am terrified of what’s going to happen next since these people seem so kind and yet we know who Salem is. This was a great plot point to focus on and I’m excited to see what you have in store. As well as with the Pyrrha scene, which was great overall since I have no clue how that’ll turn out either.

That final line was spicy as hell, excellent way to end a chapter.
1/3 c14 bassplayer123
I’m guessing this entire village is descended from Salem what with the red eyes and all. Maybe after she killed Ozma in his first reincarnation she tried to make more children. But if they worship Salem, shouldn’t they be hating silver-eyed warriors instead of venerating them? Also, wasn’t Qrow following the kids around at this point in time? I have a feeling they’re definitely going to need him to bail them out.

And I’m guessing the guy at the end was either Shay D. Mann or another member of the Branwen tribe. You’ve tagged Raven Branwen for this story, so I’m guessing Pyrrha’s about to meet the Branwen tribe.
1/3 c14 7ancientdragonduelist
Pleasantly surprised by this twist of events. A cult of Salem worshipping villagers drawing Ruby in to murder her? Quite intriguing.

Nora’s so darn good at expressing her emotions! She’s so energetic, so direct! She’s really really awesome.

Pyrrha’s still not got a healthy mindset, but her incoming reunion with RNR is gonna change things.

I’m gonna cry tears of happiness when these kids get back together.
12/29/2020 c13 3MajorBrony95
Nice chapter. Interesting taking a break from Pyrrha and RNR to look at how our resident Maiden bit*h is doing. She seems to be falling off the deep end faster than before.
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