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for Gallagher Girls and Embassy Row Meet

3/15 c1 Guest
Omg this such a great story plz continue
2/28 c1 Guest
Plz continue
2/20 c7 Guest
Great chapter! I'm kind of glad Alexeis father likes Grace.
2/14 c6 1Miss. L 2002
Okay, full comment mode now. The story's honestly hilarious so I couldn't keep myself from that last comment :)
- Grace and Cammie don't understand how similar they are (I mean Grace is more girly but they are still undeniably similar) I'm glad Gracie is fitting in well, and getting her hits at Tina Walters. Tina Walters could never shut up youre damn right about that. In the books you can see the similarities between Alexei and Zach, almost as if the books were made to mirror each other, but with a different storyline. They both honestly have the cutest relationships. Which is your favorite, Zammie or Gralexei? I would guess that it might be Gralexei, I'm a Zammie fan at heart. She's fully accepting life as a spy, but it would've been nice to see what happened over her months at school. But they're on Gracie's turf now, who knows what's gonna happen next.
2/14 c4 Miss. L 2002
I wanted to wait, but I couldn't help it. I am laughing my ass off right now and it's dark and 3 am so you know you did something right there.
"CAMERON ANNE MORGAN AND GRACE OLIVIA BLAKELY, GET YOU PRETTY LITTLE ASSES BACK HERE!" I couldn't hold it in. I had to get that out. Full comment coming soon :)
2/5 c6 Olivia C. Volkov
Combing these to storys was absolutely GENIUS I've thought about it before but never put it down on paper. Now that I'm seeing it I must say it's awesome this is coming from a die hard Ally Carter fan literally I used that last bit of my money to preorder her new book which doesn't come out until march. #NoRegrets
2/5 c1 Guest
This story is awesome!
2/2 c6 Guest
I hope u update ASAP love the story
2/2 c6 Guest
I absolutely love this story but the chapters are really short.
2/2 c6 7A New Look
1/28 c4 Dreamer0704
Is there gonna be any more cammie and zach?!
1/28 c4 A New Look
1/26 c1 1Miss. L 2002
OMG COMBINING BOTH STORIES?! That’s genius. I loved the first chapter so much, especially with the cute Zammie moments and then the Gralexei moments. And then their couples are so similar (but Zach always has a place in my heart) it’s a great start to a great story that I’m sure many people will be reading :)
1/17 c3 Dreamer0704
Ahhh I want to know what they saw! I'm guessing it's the blackthorne Boys but you never know
1/17 c3 1Smiles180
Who or what did thy see? Can’t wait for next chapter
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