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for Just Another Day at Hogwarts

1/9/2018 c1 Avril
Ah - you must, must write a (i have no idea of the abbreviation) Minerva and Hermione fiction. Or a series of moments from their life- like this one- at various points. Like- I dont know- haloween, christmas, wedding, chikdren etc. Etc. You have a knack fir making them sound lovely.
1/8/2018 c1 PepperCheez
This is great and I love the ending. All Minerva went through in her day is super funny. Those kids are such brats.

I'm the headmaster of a creative writing RPG which involves all original characters and I feel you'd fit in well. Our applications are currently open or you can play on our 'sandbox' page to get a feel for it. It's sonora. terragenaonline. net (without the space) and I hope you'll check us out. Please message me if you have any questions.

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