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for When Harry Met Tom

7h c33 Guest
6/30 c33 Guest
More revelations and both Tom and Harry being idiots. I love it
6/30 c33 23depressedchildren
Oh Harry, so delightful. It was a pleasant surprise to see an update, and an utter joy to read.
6/29 c33 8Lalaland972
I would love to see how a trip to Australia goes down for them ;) Per usual, an update for this story makes me giddy and my heart happy :D Thank you for your unique and breathtaking story of these two. A little part of me hopes this story never ends as I have been following it for 2.5 years now hehe
6/26 c33 Nataly SkyPot
Muy bueno.
6/26 c33 alexc123
Poor past tom
6/25 c33 gemini shawty
LMAOO finally. i was getting frustrated with tom not believing her. and i love how older tom ignored younger tom like an annoying little brother
6/25 c33 nerdalertwarning
I laughed out loud at the opening dialogue. I love how you write absurdity. Fantastic chapter.
6/25 c33 psychosae
Oooh road trip for the duo? Thanks for updating!
6/24 c33 ELinkA
Thank you so much!
6/24 c33 Erxen
Thanks for the chapter!
6/24 c33 HumorMe2
Wow, how things have gotten even more complicated for Harry and Tom being more apart of her life woven together now.
6/24 c33 Guest
Love it 3
6/24 c33 1The Hidden Library

I just love both of the Toms! And Harry, she's hilarious!

Can't wait to what they are going to do and where they are going to do it! Maybe they'll go to Australia like Tom suggested. )
6/8 c32 snow in the darkness
someone actually expecting a healthy relationship from a girl who runaway from her feelings for a dude that kill her parents and come up with a great idea to confront one of the most scariest dark lord ever with a dude that once upon a time becoming the most scariest dark lord. Yeah this story genre is humor for a reason. Sanity and common sense wasn't exactly Harry and Tom strongest
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