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for When Harry Met Tom

6/24 c28 Guest
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I've been waiting months for this chapter glad you were able to post it :D
6/24 c28 David12leca
Holy shit that was intense and a great chapter for the weekend cheers mate.
6/23 c28 Dranzer
Great chapter. Please update soon
6/23 c28 2ThatLady234
Great chapter! I can’t wait for the next one!
6/23 c28 Thepothead
Noooooo, she can't return! She must stay, fall in love with young Tom Riddle!
Thanks for the chapter! Superb job as always!
6/23 c28 3Natto'n'aliens
Please update soon, because how unfair would it be to leave this last snippet unattended? So many questions, just from a bunch of sentences! Great chapter, by the way, very funny. Please update~
6/23 c28 PeanutNutter123
i love this entire fic it's amazing
6/23 c28 PinkFriday28
6/23 c28 2patricia.pc
I love this story. It made my day slowly reading between working.
6/23 c28 1The Hidden Library
When I got a notification that this had been updated, I lmost screamed with excitement. When I saw that this chapter was about 7,000 words, I literally screamed with excitement!

Loving this hilarious chapter as always, especially Tom's plan and Harry telling everyone that she's poor. XD
I especially loved the fact that Harry just openly admits that she lives in a box on the side of a road, and Tom is just so insistent that she HAS to live with him!

Awaiting the next chapter of this and your other fanfics with excitement!
6/23 c28 20depressedchildren
Oh my goodness, I really love this story. It is so delightful and humorous. I am glad to see an update and all of young Tom's machinations.
6/23 c28 nerdalertwarning
Happy to see an updatepoor poor Harry
6/23 c28 animusand
Making a deal with the Big Bad? I'm looking forward to how you characterize him.
6/23 c28 mar888
Alphard does not know what a mess he realy is getting into.
6/23 c28 isylador
As always, fantastic! I cannot wait to what happens next :)
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