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for When Harry Met Tom

6/23 c28 AdaDiya
Such a good, good chapter! I love how you wrote these characters
6/23 c28 Guest
HarryAlphardTom is a mess. I love it
6/23 c28 8Lalaland972
It made me so happy to read this update! I laughed so much. You just capture all the characters so beautifully in this insanely wild and unique story. As always, I am a huge fan. Cannot wait to see what you have in store for Harry next with your next update. Doesn’t matter how long you take to update. I will Patiently wait
6/23 c28 2EJHowell
I really enjoy all your works you're writing style is very unique and you never fail to make each chapter interesting.
6/23 c28 9Wonders and Madness
Oh dear, Harry is going for the elder wand
6/23 c28 Beatraoz
Thank you for a new chapter! It is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait for the next one!
6/22 c28 21EveApplefield
Great to see you updating! Cool chapter as always. I didn't expect riddle to start flirting with him right away but given the exposition in the previous chapters I probably should have
6/22 c28 PinklyNoted
I ship it. I don't know what "it" is yet, but I ship it. Loved the dynamics between the three of them. Would have loved to see Orion curbstomped by Harry, but perhaps that's still coming. Thanks for continuing to update! This is probably my favorite of your fics, and I follow and like a great many of them.
6/22 c28 ELinkA
Thank you so much!
6/22 c28 b31nobody
Thank you so much for the amazing update! The date was everything I hoped it would be. This is the story I never knew I needed!
6/22 c28 The Queen of All Demons
AHHHHHH I was so glad when you updated. Damn, are things escalating. Alfie is super sweet with the whole “I’m gonna throw away my inheritance just to be free and with you”. How sad that Harry is a poverty stricken orphan from the future lol Aaand she’s gonna go confront Grindel in the summer? Girl is DETERMINED. Good for her.
6/22 c28 sallymadrigal605
Excited to see what happens next
6/22 c1 4Blue AuRa Akage
THIS IS SO GREAT no really I can’t wait to watch the backlash from Orion
6/19 c27 Guest
Can't wait to find out what happens next! Update soon please!
6/15 c27 OBSESSED
Come back and finish or I’ll dieeee. Seriously (Siriusly) this is so good and I love it and I need more. I need this date to happen and I need the young Tom to mess it up and I need Harry to end up with young Tom because I’m sick of fanfics ending with Harry and a Horcrux lol
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