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for When Harry Met Tom

6/7 c27 The Queen of All Demons
I quite literally binged this in one go. Ok maybe not literally but I do wish I could read the same word count for college as I did with this fic lmao. The characters are so entertaining! Harry is so funny and Tom is more human than I could have pictured him as. Their shenanigans are actually hilarious. Please don’t abandon this story! You’re writing some great stuff!
5/24 c27 3Natto'n'aliens
This latest development made me chuckle along a lot. A very complicated love triangle indeed! Looking forward to reading all about the date~
4/27 c27 12broken5pieces
Like Harry, I have also died, though from different reasons entirely. I died from too much hilarity, cause a soul can only take so much, and now I have come back as a ghost and am set on haunting your story for the rest of time. Which means I will be reading it again and again
4/27 c26 broken5pieces
Holy fucking shit. I should have seen that coming. I really, really should have
4/27 c25 broken5pieces
Oh my god the drunken Voldemort and Bellatrix image reminds me of Starkid hahaha

Of bloody course. She's not in love with Alphard, Tom from bloody 1940 something, Cedridiggs from who knows where... SHE'S IN LOVE WITH THE MIDDLE AGED GHOST TOM IN HER HEAD

I'm dying from laughter
4/27 c21 broken5pieces
Lol get some sleep, I promise I'll be gone by morning. Usually it's the opposite heh
4/27 c20 broken5pieces
Misplaced goddess is the perfect word to describe her lmao
4/27 c19 broken5pieces
Ok the irony was hilarious ahahaha. Dumbledore and his fudging power of love. But. But when Tom asked her about his family. *Their* family. I died. And the Harry has the gal to think that Tom sounded insane half the time. Like hello, you’re Harry Bloody Potter. You are literally the god of insanity and chaos incarnate lmao

I find it hilarious Tom is so hung upon the fact that Harry might be his family that he even thinks that her showing up on her stag and breaking through the wards and all that was all part of spending time with her family lmao

Imagine baby Voldemort having heart attack and dying all because of the misunderstanding that Harry might be his sis

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful
4/26 c18 broken5pieces
Hey author. Stop throwing all these lovely versions of Tom Riddle at me. I'm not sure which one to choose anymore hehe

Poor Hogwarts, staff, students, and the like. Harry just broke their minds, told them all to enjoy their breakfasts, and merrily skipped away lmao
4/26 c17 broken5pieces
Love love love this so much ahhh. Meanwhile, buried at Hogwarts, Tom may or may not be having another mental breakdown that he might be attracted to his sister
4/26 c16 broken5pieces
They are forever entwined together, even before either of them were aware of it. I love this so freaking much
4/26 c15 broken5pieces
Technically, they're cousins... *cackles loudly*
4/26 c15 Guest
LOL ofc Tom would think he was ill instead of being ill. But thinking Harry could be his cousin or Merlin forbid, sister, is goddamn priceless

Also Harry what the heck did you get yourself into this time? What if she's actually some time traveling goddess or the mastress of death? That would be so freaking cool
4/26 c13 Guest
You have an absolutely brilliant way of writing, you know that?
4/26 c12 Guest
Gosh they both really are a complete, beautiful mess together, aren't they? I love them so much
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