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for TFA S5 commision

9/8/2020 c1 MothraRanger
Well that was...interesting...

I felt like that if Drift, Sideswipe, Crosshairs, and Omega Supreme kept swearing, they would be up Deadpool levels of swearing, and I don't know much about Deapool! All I know about the guy is that he has a potty mouth, breaks the fourth wall,

Pretty funny that they all complained about not appearing much in "Circle of Destiny," even though you, SonsOfBeaches99, is the author and that you have every right to use those characters in any way you want. Hey, at least they got some form of characterization and appearance in your story, unlike most Decepticons in the Bayverse.
6/29/2019 c1 224H.R.C. Stanley
Good self aware parody
4/9/2018 c1 Trey
I'd also like to add to Crosshairs' statement by saying "Where's the Aerialbots? Where's Moonracer? Where's Nautica? Where's Runamuck and Runabout? Where's Crumplezone and Ransack? Where's the Combaticon Vortex? Where's Dirge and Thrust? Where's Sideways? Where's Blaster?!"

Also for a future chapter, you could also have the Dinobots and the Predacons come to Cybertron and get into all sorts of antics that freak out the locals.
3/23/2018 c1 Jeffrey
You could also have a chapter centering around Drift's days as the Decepticon Deadlock.
3/23/2018 c1 Jeffrey
Some chapter ideas you can do for Live Like Legends are that you can have:
- Bumblebee and Elita-1 get to know each other better.
- Elita-1 leading a team of female Autobots on a mission like "The Search for Alpha Trion" episode or Charlie's Angels.
- The Combaticons running into Swindle again (along with Thrust and Dirge) and chew him out on abandoning them in the previous season, before finally meeting up with another transformer possessed by Vortex where they eventually combine themselves to form Bruticus Maximus.
- The Elite Guard trying another flying Autobot experiment and creating the Aerialbots in the process.
- Runamuck and Runabout doing stupid stuff and screwing the Decepticons over with their antics.
1/17/2018 c1 gigastorm x
Here comes badass drift yeesss
1/15/2018 c1 Victor
Hello SonofBS I’ve been reading the Complete Alsoark Almanac and I’ve read the Predacons section where Blackarachina gets a new gold and black color can you add a mode where Elita can switch from Autobot to Predacon to command the Predacons. Also there’s Antagony have her hook up to Inferno. Also the Stunticons have a new color schemes
1/12/2018 c1 Victor
For the next season can you make it a rated T if you want to have more humor or sexual tensions and no I’m not forcing it’s just in case. Anyway your also missing the Autobots that used the same Cybertron Ian model as Bumblebee, wasp and Cliffjumper. Don’t forget Toxitron. Have Ultra Magnus explain his marriage with Solus to Elita and she was the original 13 prime. Have Grimlock get dumped by Minervia and meet the true love of his life. Make a reference on how Galvatron returns with the whole “Megatron is that you?” “Here’s a hint”. Have lockdown return with Skipjack for the constructions. Also Lockdowns origin with Yoketron. This is all for now have a good weekend ;)
1/10/2018 c1 Guest
This is against the rules.
1/10/2018 c1 18Alexandria Prime
Diction, guys!

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