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for Scars in the Moonlight

9/18/2020 c9 TomRiddlesTwin
Fantastic fic!
9/8/2020 c9 Charlie0925
Yes, yes, yes! Please let her keep this group of friends and please let them be actually faithful to her. I love the fact that this group is a delicious mix of brains & cunning, it's exactly what Catherine needs what with the predicament she's in, also loving the possibility of Ravenclaw for her as I think it would help keep her safe and somewhat away from Dumbles control & direct influence.

Truly cannot wait to read more of this awesomeness! ;o)
1/21/2020 c6 Guest
There is one big issue here, IMO:
The Order is "Misguided perhaps, but clearly trying to work towards her benefit."

I'm sorry... what? This is the group of people who regularly kidnap her out of safety, hospitals, police offices, and put her back into the damn cupboard under the stairs.
How can she actually think that they possibly are on her side (reality be damned, she does NOT know any of them, only what she experienced)?

Aside of that one point tho? I love this fic.
Tho I'm kinda hoping that Cat's gonna end up looking Quirrelmort in the eye and tell him that a freshly cooked Dumbledore is the current price for a freshly unmirror'd Philosopher's Stone.
Or just to visit Privet Drive. With Fiendfyre.
8/29/2018 c6 Charlie0925
Oh, I am LOVING THIS AMAZING FIC and so, so happy that I found it! But please, oh please keep Kitty questioning everything especially Dumbles. I hate the way the Order treated her and kept sending her back and hope that eventually everything blows up in their faces! Also hoping that Voldie will be a good guy in this fic as I am not liking Dumbles and his crew, no sir! ;o)
8/27/2018 c6 7DarkWolfz397
I don’t like how you kept having the wizards interfere with taking her from the Dursleys, cause if they weren’t under Dumbles power they should have realized that the girl who lived was being abused.
8/27/2018 c6 1RebeliousOne
Would you consider sending Kitty to another school? Considering who's in charge and her desire for freedom I wouldn't be surprised if she went to the goblins for help, for a price of course. They'd love to stick it to the Brit's.

Otherwise, Ravenclaw would be best I think. While she has some Slytherin qualities the other houses would no doubt shun her while her housemates wouldn't be any better. Since she is expected to be a Griffindor hero I think she would want to nip that in the bud right off by not being what they expected. That and she's nothing like her canon counterpart. The puff's and their trusting and social nature would drive her nuts. Kitty wants to learn as much as possible about this world and gain her freedom so Ravenclaw would help her the most without drawing the enemies she'd have as a lion and snake.

I loved it that she was wise enough to pander to the crowd just enough to not have them turn on her and get out of there asap. Making it clear to Hagrid and later Dumbledore that Kitty is not amused by her fame. You had me worried for a minute when she was thinking that it wouldn't be too hard to leave the Dursley's after the Order went so far to cover up an attempted murder. I'm glad she will be careful and I hope she manages something to be free from them. Sadly, nothing short of leaving the country of having them killed would work I think. I don't think she is ruthless enough to do the later, but who knows?
8/26/2018 c5 2Pentel123
So far as Houses, Hufflepuff. Mostly because so few people do it and also a desire for loyal and trustworthy people after what she has been through makes a certain amount of sense to me.

I am enjoying the characterization of the Dursley and Hagrid they fit and stick pretty well to the cannon. I look forward to seeing what you do when you flesh things out.

Prince of Slytherin and The Odds Were Never in my Favor are two of my favorite (HP) stories on this site because they flesh out the world so much. If you do likewise this story will definitely be up there with them.
6/7/2018 c5 1S-Lioness
Love this story :)
Waiting for your next update.
Well I think she is a Slytherin in personality but seeing as she have her memory and Snale being the head of the house pluse it being full of death eaters wannabes I would think she won't herself be sorted in there.
She could also fit Griffindor considering that she is an intelligent child and would be able to tell that they expect her to be in there so she may go along with it, but she may consider it as restricting to her freedom.
I honestly think Ravenclaw is the best for her, she likes to research and learn plus it is a neutral house away from the influence of both the light and dark.
6/4/2018 c5 1beserkerbeast
love to see more
4/29/2018 c5 Nerdy Gamer
I almost want her to find a way not to go to Hogwarts but if a house were to be chosen I would say Ravenclaw or Slytherin. She is showing a lot of the qualities for those two houses more than the others. Or making her a snake in the lion's dean would be another good possibility. I can see her playing into a role till she can find her way out of a situation. I am actually hoping she finds a way to get the goblins on her side and befriends someone like Daphne Greengrass or Susan Bones as they are influential in name but also can be helpful as well. I really want her to be like the sane version of Bellatrix at this point and just really make the Order pay for their stupidity and their worship like mindset of Dumbledore and how he can do no wrong.
3/31/2018 c5 PikaMew1288
Why would she go to Hogwarts anyway? She knows that Dumbledore covered up the Durseley's attempted murder. The moment she gets money from Gringotts she would likely look up other schools, discover that Hogwarts is crap, withdraw from it, apply for another one instead, and leave the country getting as far away from Dumbledore as possible. She would likely also research offensive and defensive magic as well so that she could defend herself from Dumbledore. I would send a Cutting Curse straight for his neck if I was that fearful for my life as Kitty should be considering on how it seems to Kitty that Dumbledore wants her to die a slow and painful death.
3/29/2018 c5 tentaclecat
Great, another Fem harry angsty bash fic. It's SO exciting to read a grimderp story where the main character will never get catharsis and will always never get anything positive in life because the plot demands it just for the sake of grimderp in the story.

Cannot wait for the next bashing chapter where for some reason everything is gonna come crashing down the moment Kitty will have some semblance of happiness
2/22/2018 c4 1RebeliousOne
A very interesting plot. Having her mind protected is a game changer.
1/24/2018 c4 Guest
So Alastor's caught on. I can't believe they are all so clueless, especially Severus as he was abused (granted, Severus in canon irrationally hated Harry so much he ignored everything so I could see him willingly ignoring abuse). Be interesting if she somehow managed to skip the country
1/25/2018 c4 1Kidagirl8
No apologies needed just get them out asap within your time limits and anyone who would be worth listening to will wait as long as needed. I am happy so long as you are giving your best. I have waited years for some of my favorite stories to update or be rewritten/adopted!
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