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for Son of the Archer and The Year of the Egos

9/15/2019 c27 4FANactic Writer
Love the chapter!~
9/15/2019 c27 Jostanos
Hmm.. I don't think that she is, Mel.*shrugs* Even if she is Mysticarts _did_ edit the first 400 words of "SOTA and the YOTE" for you.

That was an interesting tactic that you used to repot the baby mandrake, Neville, and I am surprised that you didn't receive any points for it.
9/15/2019 c27 Youknowwho
Too lazy to log in. God damn it I need to work on that fic
9/15/2019 c27 HeRonLove
That was a great chapter. Will you have Ron try to make a connection with Ginny?
9/10/2019 c4 TroyWeb
The way you depicted Tony Stark was hilarious. He has the money and creativity to do amazing things. I can't wait for Snape to find out that a Muggle is studying his Potions textbook. Hopefully, Tony can find another use for dragon's blood.
9/10/2019 c1 TroyWeb
I really enjoy the Son of the Archer series.
9/5/2019 c26 4Danny-Shells
Happy birthday a bit late! I definitely enjoyed this chapter, and I continue to love the changes you've made from the original. I like how the four made up their own school song. That was a fun touch. Great job!
9/4/2019 c5 ddsurvivor
So did I skip apart to read. Or am I going to find out how Ronald Weasley is calling Clint Barton "Dad".

Awesome novel so far.
9/1/2019 c26 HeRonLove
Well happy birthday to you!
That was a great chapter. Loved the song that the boys came up with.
9/1/2019 c26 Jostanos
*calmingly.. pleadingly* Ladies.. Please. Chill.

*ahem* A "Vision" of things to come, Tony?
9/1/2019 c26 4FANactic Writer
Love it!~
9/1/2019 c26 13foxchick1
The song was EPIC!
9/1/2019 c26 26jeanette9a
Happy B-Day.
8/18/2019 c25 Jostanos
Lucius Malfoy running into a wall is worth over looking the minor vocabulary and spelling errors scattered throughout this chapter. :)

*facepalms* Gilded Boy Locked Heart. He's going to be not only a pain in the rump for the majority of the Hogwarts Population, but also 'Target Practice' for several people. Care to guess who?
8/15/2019 c25 4FANactic Writer
Oh look it's an idiot. Poor kids are going to wish they got knocked out by the wall than deal with this guy. Love the chapter!~
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