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for Smartass Lincoln

4/4/2019 c22 Al Drin Hoshizora
i love this episode, not Hugh tho, i dont want anybody else thinks i'm fanboying Hugh just cause he's so hot
4/4/2019 c21 Al Drin Hoshizora
oh yeah the ticket that Lana wanted to win, i remember
4/4/2019 c32 Guest
Make Lana get punished for Ruthless People
4/4/2019 c32 Minecraft dude 1
Yay! Glad you're back bro. I can't wait for this story to continue.
4/4/2019 c32 73MasterCaster
Glad you're coming back!
1/31/2019 c20 Al Drin Hoshizora
hahaahaha way to go Linc!

update please
10/12/2018 c31 Guest
Here's ONE idea for your next chapter:

Sitting Bull

1. The older sisters have a babysitting business? Since when?
2. Lynn keeps beating up Lincoln.
3. I have to wonder: What percent of Royal Woods' population dropped out of college too early or never even attended? Come on, parents! You can't blame the other girls just because one of them screwed up! FOR THE LAST TIME, A SAMPLE DOES NOT EQUAL A POPULATION! EVERY STATISTICIAN WILL TELL YOU THAT!

*breathes in deeply* Sorry, author. It's just the show's writers have a way of screwing up Lynn as a character. "Obligatory tomboy", indeed. What, were they picked on by kids like her in THEIR childhoods? Mark my words, if not already, then BlackMoonPaladin would have a field day picking THAT episode apart.
7/11/2018 c30 Guest
Suite and Sour. The kids are completely oblivious to what their parents did to get them kicked out and somebody needs to do a chapter where the kids find out about the parents skinny dipping, confront their parents about it, ground them for a week because of it, tell them they are never going to let them have a vacation to themselves again and also never go to Aunt Ruth's house ever again, and then proceed to leave the parents to cry over what they did.
7/6/2018 c31 2Mr. Haziq
Termites... there's a REASON people keep them in glass displays...
7/5/2018 c31 Guest
And justice has been served!
7/5/2018 c31 Guest
More Simple Solutions than your story, but hey, I'm far from complaining. That episode was really predictable and left me feeling empty after watching it the first time. Hence why I suggested it.

Thank you, author. :)
7/4/2018 c30 Guest
Ruthless People. Specifically, Lana's environmentalism ("Boo hoo! Don't hurt those poor termites!").
4/13/2018 c30 Lola Loud
Do Shell Shock or Insta Gran
4/3/2018 c30 Guest
Driving Miss Hazy
4/3/2018 c30 Drake
the loudest mission because I despise that lets changing thing that don't need to be changed episode.
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