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for Smartass Lincoln

4/3/2018 c30 Minecraft dude 1
Please do either City Slickers Thee loudest mission: relative chaos
3/27/2018 c29 alhajipizza2
Is there still going to be a finale after this or is this the finale?
3/27/2018 c29 2Mr. Haziq
Always thought Cover Girls wasn't fair for Lincoln.
3/27/2018 c29 Minecraft dude 1
three episodes, AWESOME. i'm gonna miss you
3/13/2018 c28 3Finnthekingsofdemon
3/12/2018 c28 Minecraft dude 1
3/12/2018 c28 risedragon0009
No need to apologize for something that you need to do to earn money to make a living, and career you want to focus I see no reason for you to apologize it understandable situations.

I can wait for a good smartass Lincoln chapter one last time.
3/3/2018 c27 Minecraft dude 1
i loved this chapter and my unpopular opinion is i hate loudcest and the only loudcest story i like is the
the one where they all have something wrong with them because its true. and marring your siblings is illegal in the usa, or at least most of it
3/2/2018 c27 Hitler
I hate lincoln x ronnie anne. She is abusive.
3/2/2018 c27 13GennaiArakida-XIV
So is Rey from 'Star Wars' really a Mary Sue? Or does it bother people that people like Rey are quick learners, and can survive the worst nature has dealt them? Take note that even though she's NEVER left the planet Jakku, (until recently) she knows and has flown ships before, and her knowledge actually proves useful, despite popular belief otherwise.
3/2/2018 c27 54Stall Walt
That's not unpopular. Pretty sure lots of people share your opinion.
3/2/2018 c27 Vampiricmalice
The lack of Tabby and Haiku fics. Everything’s incest with this fandom
3/2/2018 c27 12DarthSidious04
The amount of NSL fics being made...
2/26/2018 c26 little brother
Mom said it’s my turn on the Xbox!
2/24/2018 c25 Guest
Keep up the good work man I love this fanfiction
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