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for Yami: The Gamer Kage

7/8 c1 Ktheus
I really liked the story, just the ending that broke my immersion. However, I don't think it's a mistake, just something that differs from my personal taste.
The best gamer fanfic I've read.
6/6 c19 kratos264
He said he was going to tell sasuke asap, did the author just forget?
6/6 c11 kratos264
This chunin exam doesnt really make sense to me if im understanding it correctly that means only 6 people can possibly make it to the final stage that seems incredibly low
6/1 c2 Guest
Maito Gai, not Mighty Gai
6/1 c2 Guest
It's Maito Gai, not Mighty Duy

Please get an editor, you need one to fix all the typos, feels like you misspell Chakra half the time.
6/1 c1 Guest
This story really needs more proofreading.

Way too many sloppy mistakes, I'm not even sure the author used basic spellcheck.
5/25 c4 1Veldaza
fking pokemon?
5/13 c5 JollieHotDog
5/2 c1 simon.gersbach
I am just sad that it had to end like that. No muliversehopping for a sequel or just a happy big konoha family. Still loved your fanfiction thank you
4/30 c25 uglyboo88
The ending of this really pissed me off I remember reading this when I first got into fanfiction and idk why you finished it like this but it honestly is infuriating if you ever feel like it you should come back and hop on the multiverse trend maybe make him go somewhere he'll get his ass kicked
4/11 c1 Guest
Your story is great, just work on your grammar.
3/18 c1 Flawer1762946
Wall Cock huh
3/18 c24 9Archangel Change24
He knows three uzumaki not two. Remember you did an insert of one in thr form of Rias.
3/18 c14 Archangel Change24
You misspelled guard as gaurd/
3/18 c10 Archangel Change24
You missed an opportunity here. Instead of saying magic is just “chakra but different” you could have said that magic is the manipulation of only mental energy. Given chakra is the combination of mental and physical energy.
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