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for My Sister is Marrying a Mafioso!

4/10/2022 c2 WhoAreYouAnyway
10/23/2018 c2 ChaoticMinds
Lmao, poor Dino. He's gonna get a nasty surprise when he comes to Namimori. xD
2/3/2018 c1 spade.sama
this seriously needs a ch2 soon. Thank god there's still someone in the fandom
1/17/2018 c1 3kalmaegi
I'm always welcome to those that expand Kyouya's backstory and Fon too I'm sure.
1/14/2018 c1 11Foxtronic
Hey! So I’m super happy your love had returned lol since I just got into this dead series and I’m running out of fanfiction.

So far I’m really digging the Hibari Family Drama.

Can’t wait for more!

(Also! You did really well in those fights, holy fuck, I had to grit my teeth when you wrote about her knee dragging on the pavement. I know how that feels and the way you wrote it made me FEEL it.)

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