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10/16/2018 c1 LordLady
Think I missed this! Better late then never. This was truly awsome!
1/25/2018 c4 8Issai
I'm sad it's the last one! I would like more angst for our awesome Aramis!
1/24/2018 c4 GingietheSnap
Being an ardent Aramis fan, I much prefer Aramis killing the bas-rd Grimaud. Can't wait for your next!
1/24/2018 c4 1pallysAramisRios
What a great frightening ending .. So glad Aramis got his vengeance it wasent easy..but he got it
1/23/2018 c3 8Issai
He's quite close to do the last things in his life. His body won't take more... and he kills Porthos' brother...
1/21/2018 c3 1pallysAramisRios
Feel so bad Aramis be racked by such horrible nightmares and not seeing what its doing him. Hope he can get some rest some how..
1/21/2018 c3 120Deana
Poor Aramis! Wow! More soon please!
1/14/2018 c2 GingietheSnap
Poor Aramis. Always trying to help others at his own expense. Can't wait for more chapters!
1/14/2018 c2 1pallysAramisRios
Thats what Aramis does he wont care for himself he'll try to everyone before himself.. Oh noooooooo not a fever this isent going to be good at all..Oh myyy nightmares! I fear those are going to be wicked and brutal for him? Hope he dosent hurt anyone (well by accident but he might right?)
1/12/2018 c1 8Issai
Burns are bad thing... he might not be fine. Especially when it gets infected...
1/12/2018 c1 1pallysAramisRios
Oh no! Aramis he's hurt ( I keep hoping it would have Constance more then she was. She bounced back so fast made m head spin) Ohh myyyy he's confused about Treville that can't be good!
1/12/2018 c1 120Deana
Aw poor Aramis!

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