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4/9/2019 c18 Katnibal94
Will there be more? This is so much fun to read!
4/2/2019 c18 AzmariaMinohi
I'm sorry I've been a no show for so long. Your writing is incredible as always I throughly enjoyed the Gajeel hunt. It was highly amusing. Though when he will pull his head out of his ass no one Anand Natsu tension. Love it. Always tasty. Hibiki is a highly interesting first choice. And promises MUCH amusment. The chaos preventing my writing is slowly abating and, hopefully, I'll have something up soon. Keep up the excellent writing!
3/19/2019 c18 2savwafair
I love this so much and I want it so badly and tbh I cannot wait for natsu showing up as one of her dates god I need it
2/24/2019 c18 2unicorn of fire
I absolutely love this story. Every time I read a new chapter, my day instantly becomes brighter. I'm so excited to know where Gajeel is, and how Levy's date is going. And as for Lucy and Natsu, well, I have a feeling they'll workout very soon. keep it up!

2/18/2019 c18 Lovetoreadff
I am enjoying your story so far. It will be fun to read what other dates Lucy will get to have before the “one”. Or however you will choose to resolve it. In any case, thank you for your work.
1/21/2019 c18 mykind121
any more coming?
1/20/2019 c18 4noseinabook145
I loved it! Can't wait to see how the dates go and who Levy went with! I imagine Jet and Droy will follow her around, sobbing in corners...but then again, let's be honest, Natsu is probably playing nin nin on a rooftop above Lucy right now. Poor girls.
Really enjoyed the imagery of this chapter! The descriptions we're spot on and I felt like we got to delve deeper into some character relations than we have before. Can't wait for the next one!
1/18/2019 c18 12YukiMC
Great chapter as always! I haven't read fanfiction in a while because of some 2019 changes I'm making, but since I didn't have much to do this Friday I thought I'd give it a go, and your fic was the first one I read! Of course it didn't disappoint one bit! I love how everyone can see the sexual tension between Natsu and Lucy besides themselves, haha. Satyrykal's the best! Ready for your next chapter whenever you are!
1/15/2019 c18 1Bs.trinkets
Yesss! Thank you for addressing Hibiki! It feels like in the beginning of the anime/manga Mashima was really just playing around with who Lucy could end up with and both Gray and Hibiki were front-runners. Hibiki sort of just faded away (and Gray has been ambushed by Juvia so... em yeah, he's out too) so its nice to see him get a little of attention in this fic. I'm really excited to see where this story is headed!
1/15/2019 c18 monitorchick
And a Happy 1 Year Anniversary! I loved the imagery in this chapter! Set the perfect background without too much flowery nonsense. I was excited to see an update from you! Hope the Holidays treated you well!
1/15/2019 c18 19Professor of Gallifrey
I was totally not expecting him to be the first date! Oh my goodness, talk about a surprise.

Great chapter as always, I can't wait to see levy's date!
1/15/2019 c18 star
yay u updated,i am so excited dat u updated cus u took quite a long time, dus chapter was fun to read gajeel is such a jerk one moment hes insulting levy next he's being all nice and sweet, make up ur mind gajeel also wen are u making natsu and lucy kiss cus its taking forever, and i really want to see some nalu chapter by d way cant wait for d next update hopefully it wont take as long as d previous chapter. p.s d chapter was off d hook but pls,pls,pls, try not to let it take as long as dis always love ur story
1/14/2019 c18 18ligersrcool
This was so cute! I'm surprised Lucy wanted to deal with him though XD also what a Gajeel, at least he tried to apologize
1/14/2019 c18 6DreamWeaver2121
amazing work as always! I love sassy Lucy and not so clueless Natsu
1/14/2019 c18 Slash2104
Wowza...amazing so far... Though I think you slept "beautacious" was so good that I could vividly visualise it and feel how you made gajeel into a hard headed know I am seriously considering naming my next dog,, I digress...

It flowed so well, it was so well structured and fluent.. Yes I know you were waiting patiently to hear me say "well structured"... I absolutely enjoyed it, it's one of my favourites... You and satyrykal rock... Love you guys and your stories...

I impatiently await the next 30 chapters...! :))
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