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8/26/2021 c23 HisSecretLover18
Very interesting story so far. I wonder when Natsu is going to realize that he left his scarf. The scene between Erza and Jellal was hot. Can't wait to see what happens next.
8/3/2021 c23 Slash2104
Okayyy where do I begin? I must say that was an overall deep and psychological chappy more than physical. Levy seems to be doing Levy things... I can just see her doing those antics to escape the date. But who's the lucky guy? Gajeel? I hope so lol

Lucy seemed chirpy internally as usual. I must say, your portrayal of these characters has been spot on, and giving natsu a fresh, more attentive and feeling-oriented side does add another layer to his dragonness lol. Of course this is a story so ANYTHING is possible

I've said it before and I'll say it again, your chapter was very well structured and flowed nicely. The suspense was top notch and now I'm really excited for what comes next!

Overall this chapter was excellent! 10/10!
Keep em' coming lol
4/28/2021 c23 12Straw Heart
I'm so glad to see (read?) you're well and want to finish this story.
I loved this chapter ️
4/17/2021 c23 SheWhoLeavesCrappyReviews
I tend to avoid fics that don’t only focus on one pairing, but I’m really happy that I decided to read this one. I couldn’t help but go through all 23 chapters in one go!

Thanks for sharing your work with us!
3/26/2021 c23 Avalanche65
So happy to see you back! I just did a full re-read of the story to make sure I remembered the whole story and it’s just as amazing as I remembered. Looking forward to reading the conclusion of this tale! (And your Jerza lemon was *chefs kiss* fantastic)
3/24/2021 c23 FairyTailxFanGirl
Man up and tell her! is what I wanna say to Natsu, haha.
3/20/2021 c23 Xfangirl123X
So happy i found this fanfic, I binge read it! It is amazing and so happy you are continuing with this story. I love it so much, I can't wait to see what happens next with Lucy, natsu, levy and gajeel! I am intrigued to find out who levy dare will be, could it be gajeel well I will have to wait and see. Also juvia and gray, I can see something happening with them as in the previous chapters when juvia turned down lyon, gray buffing his chest out he seemed pretty proud. Update whenever you can, I'll be waiting patiently
3/17/2021 c23 rao hyuga 18
Really glad I found this story! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for these couples, especially GaLe!
3/15/2021 c23 Lovetoreadff
Hi there,

Thanks for sticking with this story! Looking forward to seeing more NaLu and Gale relationship focus. I appreciate that you are delving a bit more into their relationship and how it would begin and what would it require for it to get off the ground. With what happened with Levy and Gajeel, I am not really sure how you will see it through. While yes, you can still have feelings for one another how will Gajeel repair the rift he himself created. Instead of being honest with Levy and himself, he chose the road of denial and how will that affect him. With the potential implication of soulmates, I wondering how you will intertwine it with the rest of the story.
This chapter was a bit more cryptic in terms of what Natsu is thinking. I like that you are delving a little bit into his mind to give us a glimpse. I find his character a bit hard to nail down. Since at times, he can be carefree and playful, other times intense and hyper focused. Simply put he is both but at different times. What I mean exactly is when he is goofy, it’s hard to figure out how much more there is to him. Lucy will have to figure out what it is that she wants.
I am looking forward to what you have decided to do next.
All the best. Thank you for sharing your work.
3/14/2021 c23 AGreen2222
So glad you updated! I didn’t review right away because I wanted to backtrack and reread some. As far as this chapter, at first I thought he read her diary and was so surprised he left his scarf behind, but I guess he didn’t read it because he did not seem to believe what Canna said about Lucy’s feelings. I guess Lucy had her diary put up anyway. Hopefully he believes Canna and tries something. I think it’s good to focus the story on Nalu and gajevy. I’m curious to find out who Levy will date next!
3/14/2021 c23 valerioux
I was happy to see an update cuz I love your stories and I wouldn’t mind if the story concentrated more on NaLu and GaLe. You did give us a good story to Jerza and maybe knowing how they end up will be good but not focus on them like you said? Welcome back and hoping to see updates but always willing to wait
3/13/2021 c23 Net
Sweeet! X3
3/13/2021 c23 2FireShifter
Hi there! This chapter was delightful surprise to wake up to!

Wow! Cana is quick to catch on people's feelings and relationship etc!

I hope Natsu takes her advise to heart, because she right, Lucy is an emotional turmoil right now. And I can't believe he hasn't notice he's not wearing his scarf!

Levy more worried about her books than Mira was hilarious!

Keep on writing as well stay well, safe and awesome! A big shout of thanks Satyrykal! I hope she will continue to write more too!
3/13/2021 c23 Lucy H Lover
So happy to get that notification that you updated! I didn’t realize it had been that long! Glad to have you back! Bravo to Cana! Doing her part to make Nalu happen!
3/13/2021 c23 3bacchus in vines
You’re back! This was amazing! Leave it to Cana to see underneath and push things forward, I love it and can’t wait for the rest
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