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23h c13 GDIMartok
Its good. I hope I see more of it.
10/13 c13 2The WovenMantis
This kicks absolute ass! Still on the edge of my seat for future installments. Honestly, I can't believe I missed some of the previous updates! I thought for sure I had it favorited and followed. A crime, truly.

Also: MORE REFERENCES! Atlas getting a shipment from REVOCS, lmao. Kill la Kill is still one of the greats. That and Parangosky. As in, Margaret Parangosky I assume. Head of ONI and one of the most respected fleet admirals to grace the halls of the United Nations Space Command. Yes, I'm a Halo nerd.

Thanks for all the great work! It really is a nice read.
10/9 c2 Wry.Smile
Hey. Thanks for writing this story, am tentatively interested.
One not as of now: you could have used not exact characters for team name. Like rwby had resulted in Ruby.
So you could have used something further away spelling wise but close in pronunciation.
Like LCKS will result in Licorice.
10/6 c13 Guest
Weiss is such a bitch.
9/21 c13 silkr0ad
And I've at last caught up. Who are you, author? How have I not read your works before?

Great story, is what I'm saying. Good writing!
9/18 c13 arga101
Just reread the whole thing since I apparently missed quite the few updates, sorry! I really love the path you're taking here, focusing more on the interstate rivalries with the Grimm always watching on the outside. I'm personally not a big fan of the whole Maidens and Gods, probably why I'm so hyped.

My critique would probably in team Limericks, or lets just say it, in Lelouch's stance here in the world. He seemed to have already made a deal with CC, proving that he does have a goal, but right now he's just floating in the wind. Is this the part where he founds purpose? Still the time to forge bonds and self-seeking? Well I'm patient.

Hope you well!
9/18 c12 arga101
I just know things are going to escalate after this... Nice avenue to introduce Lelouch to the main conflict! Got some selfish need to be useful and a seemingly maddening power yeah, thats some good content...
9/18 c11 arga101
Poor Limericks..., I was just dying there for the truth to come out but well, hopefully they'll grow and learn to trust each other later.
9/18 c10 arga101
Hmm, I was initially doubting if Lelouch is actually very sincere there in regards to his nightly excursions. I always believed that he wouldn't be cowered easily, or scared easily. Though, maybe there hasn't been a moment where he 'changed' perhaps. Do love that looming threat though, a very real problem. And a lot better I think than the whole two brothers and maidens and what not
9/18 c9 arga101
Mughead's probably the best nicname for Ozpin Ive found so far, Ha!
9/17 c13 4phantomkillerx5
YES, YES I've been waiting for a update really liking this story so far.
9/17 c13 xfel
Interesting. Junior should trust his instincts.
9/17 c13 Guest
Yes welcome back and it's good start
6/30 c12 Personas
I like this story so far, there's so few good RWBY/Code Geass fics out there. That being said I cannot overstate how badly OCs usually are in stories. Even cameos just break immersion. OCs tend to be things that kill stories and maybe like 1 in 100 can do it decently and even then they usually don't really add anything. Just a piece of advice
6/4 c12 2blackdog420
Don’t forget Jeremiah Gottwald is loyal to only lelouch and not the emperor come in at some point in the story gathering intelligence on lelouch enemy’s from would be a smart move for story progression
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