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for Instinct over reason

4/21/2020 c6 draculyn28
very good story, I really like it, I hope you decide to continue them at some point, without further greetings.
12/14/2018 c6 KingNex C. Cabaelez
Yieee now please continue with the next day
10/26/2018 c5 Uhurubenyatta
So this is pretty much a circle jerk of angst and drama that all could be resolved in a few quick conversations?
This bull .
7/8/2018 c6 alexandder14
Aún tengo fe, espero que no sea abandonado , pleaseee
3/24/2018 c6 EmpireReign
WOW This is awesome really love this ,soo please update soon!
3/20/2018 c6 Theshadowblood
Wow un hachimanxiroha se nota que eres un hombre con cultura. Espero ansioso el proximo capitulo
3/19/2018 c6 SirLordCrow
por favor actualiza pronto.

3/12/2018 c6 Guest
Please update. I love Hachiman X Iroha
2/15/2018 c6 6Rombler-tan
...As you said there is a lot of talented authors in this fandom, but this is one of the best fanfics I have read... and the other ones were stopped or sonething like that. Your Iroha is pretty similar to the original, being the "emotional" Hachiman the only thing I don't really see in the original. Basicaly, your story is 10 out of 10.
1/31/2018 c6 8smilingsamurai
Firstly, your English is fine. I don't think I came across any glaring grammatical errors in any of the chapters so far.

Secondly, this is an amazing piece of fanfiction. The characters are well fleshed out and accurate to their canon selves, making them come across as vibrant and alive, and the plot itself has plenty of drama and substance without going out of its way for anything. I'm really enjoying it so far, and wouldn't be exaggerating if I were to say this is one of my favourite Oregairu fics.

Hoping for more.
1/30/2018 c6 TooTangoTooBirds
Really fun story so far! I like how you’re not letting Hachiman beat around the bush too much!
1/25/2018 c6 5Orewall
nice chapter
1/25/2018 c6 5RalphZiggy
I do believe Iroha could do something like that once she got over her idol-worship of Hayama; in fact that's her problem that she has in canon. I have my own opinion whether Iroha is the kind of girl Hachiman would want, that comes down to a person deciding to change themselves. If she decided to change something about herself, her use of feminine charms to manipulate, then I could see Hachiman changing his mind about her. But I don't think Hachiman's "genuine" idea would include being dealt with by wiles rather than reason.
1/25/2018 c6 Killusion
Isshiki is best girl.
1/23/2018 c5 Flash Falcon
Hm you got me there. You confused me for who's the lucky girl beside i have an idea of who it was. These fic of yours is make me think, and i love that. Way to go and hope the next is on its way. 'til next time
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