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6/30/2020 c13 Fluffymarshmallows
Ok, wow, ummmm, so now I have to go cry in a corner for a hot second. This was amazing, scrap that, it was incredible. Your writing is so compelling and emotional. Thank you.
2/9/2020 c13 Curious Reader
I know this is a two year old story but i got curious. Even though you warned us that this is purely angst i thought i could handle it. I was wrong and cried. I never cry reading these. But my god poor Gunther and Jane. It is so heartbreaking that a strong independent woman had been in that situation. To read that part was tough. But it was worth it to see the end of it. To know if they survive the dungeon or not.
A well written story that made me angry, cry, and cry some more.
11/29/2018 c13 Guest
*intense screeching*
2/26/2018 c13 poornmiserable
oh my goodness what a journey, i was really scared to read the end; but great work i love this pair and all your works keep it up
2/20/2018 c13 Guest
I agree with everything lareepqg said. This was such an amazing story and I feel like there will always be a tiny part of me going "what happens next?!", though you've tied it all up so beautifully and I absolutely loved your interpretation of the quote. Thank you for this! - Bee
2/20/2018 c13 26lareepqg
I know I said this before, but I 100% mourned the completion of this story.

You know, when you've finished a long series or even just an amazing book, and then suddenly it's OVER. Now what? NOW what am I supposed to do with my life? What is there left? How can I move on from this wondrous but horrible world you've created - all within a dungeon - and even then, the world itself is really pulled down, centered around a hole in a wall.

Everything, their food, their water, their horror, their comfort - all of that passes through this small crack between their two cells and for both Gunther and Jane, it is very much their lifeline.

It doesn't matter that they can't see each other, can't really even touch one another, because just like the Anna Kareninia quote - they don't need it. Gunther sees Jane very well, wordslinger - sees her very well. The dark, the wall, the damage done by the horrible men; it doesn't matter. He still sees her and doesn't give up on her, even though his own psyche is damaged, shattered. I imagine they will both need time to recover and put themselves back together again - not just physically, of course. But they'll have each other, their own personal lifelines, and I would be nothing - stone or sword - will ever come between them again.
2/20/2018 c13 Lily
“She moves again, not behaving at all as a dead person should.
Even in circumstances as extreme as these, she is apparently incapible of being proper, of observing even the most basic societal norms. “

That is my favorite line, and my god it is perfect. I loved the story.
2/19/2018 c13 79SunRise19
This was beautifully written! Brilliant job, though I knew it would be. the last line...right in the feels seriously!
I thought it fitting that her rapest was killed by Jane's own sward. Wonderful work!
This story was deep. I'd love to see what happens next..her recovery..yet I know that is not the point of the story. what I got out of the ending was a sense of hope. For we all know Jane has survived the abuse with love and support she will survive what is to come.
P.S. I know he's an OC, but I love Robert's matter-of-fact attitude and his steadiness to Gunther and Jane at that moment. I could totally picture the knight, the one holding Jane's rapest captive putting two and two together, stepping back and allowing justice. Brilliant job here!
2/19/2018 c13 Bookloverdream
Gurrrl, I am DONE. You took us down into the depths and finally brought us up for air. That was so intense, I had to double check that it was 13 chapters. “You’re... a Wizard!”
2/16/2018 c12 SunRise19
Ah, you had to leave it there! Must see what happens next! I had a feeling Dragon would burn the place... This was a chapter that honestly, I have no words. It was messy, meaning written messy rushed..all over the place. Yet please, do not misunderstand me because I think it ads to the chapter. It illustrates Gunther's scattered mind absolutely perfectly. Gosh, I hope this makes sense to you. Wonderful writing as always!
2/15/2018 c12 26lareepqg
Right there with ya Gunther. She's not dead. Nope. I refuse to believe it, fuck that and your bullshit heartbreakingly angsty frippery. Never in life.
2/13/2018 c11 lareepqg
I'm right there with ya, BLD. Wept right into my waffles. There was ugly crying.
2/13/2018 c11 Bookloverdream
Anyone else’s heart broken into pieces? You are a master. I need all the chocolate and purring kittens and bouncing baby goats in butt-flap pajamas. ASAP. Holy sarding heartstrings, Kyra.
2/13/2018 c11 Guest
Oh my heart... -Bee
2/13/2018 c11 79SunRise19
Wow, a heartbreaking moment for sure. Certainly understandable. Gunther's thoughts on the events that never took place was truly touching to read.
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