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6/22/2021 c1 That lone knight
Why didn't you wait to remove the note until after you had a chapter to replace it with? This was just cruel!
6/22/2021 c16 Fenrir3224
Clicked on your story for chapter 17... got 16 instead. Really want to read 17
6/22/2021 c16 CrimsonRasengan
what happened to chapter 17?
6/20/2021 c17 THEtoken1
Is he going to run into kazuhira again anytime soon?
6/20/2021 c17 tonmikes1
I like the story and I look forward to every next chapter. Don't lose hope and inspiration
6/19/2021 c17 Death Lantern
are you from India?
6/18/2021 c16 Zack Sager
please don't join Rias Peerage
6/18/2021 c17 SpartanKing J
I love this story and love to support it but my own situation inhibits that
6/18/2021 c17 Master One
New chapter would be nice
6/18/2021 c17 Sekiriyote
Dude pls if you can update dragons den story is rly good!
6/18/2021 c17 3RonaldM40196867
Interesting news.
6/8/2021 c16 SpartanKing J
Please continue to make more of this
6/2/2021 c16 Kakbiel
5/29/2021 c16 Abbadon44
This story is amazing! There nothing for me to really critique. I do hope we see Cao Cao react to Is though.
4/24/2021 c16 RandomCoolGuy
This is why so many people bash Rias. Because instead of training, she devotes her time to playing highschool student, anime and absolutely fuck diddly. She also lets her peerage wallow in their fears and nightmares instead of getting them some help. And she complains about the engagement to Riser but all she does is search for someone else to end it for her and depend on others. She acts like a spoiled brat. But some people have actually found creative explanations for her mistakes so props to them.
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