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3/10 c20 12NPGamer11
Ahh. Issei asking the big questions.
3/10 c20 SpartanKing J
As Grateful as I am for the chapter, and as good as it is. I feel like chapters for this story get smaller and smaller with every release whereas your other stories are normally 3 times the size of this one. I know I’m asking a lot but please tell me there’s more coming soon.
3/10 c20 Blondeandfun
Nah fuck that
Issei doesn't have to tell them anything important it's none of their business
3/10 c20 Acqua OfThe Back
Gracias por el capítulo
3/10 c20 3RonaldM40196867
Issei always has fun…somehow.

Happy March!
1/28 c19 Hugo0974
My man, I have to praise you. What a amazing story you create. Definitely the best in this fandom section, and by far!
I love Issei interactions with the other characters, emphasis in the interactions with Tiamat and Kuroka. Another high point of this story is Issei abilitys and power level (your inspiration in some of Naruto powers as really well made).
Hope to see more soon, bye!
1/27 c17 NekoElder
Why can't Issei use his fragment of [Dimension Lost] to create his personal hammer space inventory?
1/16 c19 johnwhen
Also what’s with senjutsu being forbidden as a trope pretty sure other youkai as a whole can try to use it. Koroka would not the be the only one that went crazy since it’s a known thing. A flaw in Konekos thinking
1/16 c19 johnwhen
Damn you really portray rias and her peerage to be dumb as rocks and I love it. They confirmed that issei aura knocked out most of songs peerage and they conclude he’s a speed type lmaoooo. And then kiba thinks oh well I can solo him ez. Also if someone shine a laser at a mirror and blind themselves is it the mirrors fault? Rias thinking it was isseis fault that lonely went crazy when it was her own trauma, dudes just being zen
1/16 c18 johnwhen
Damn you’re a really good writer. This one chapter made me really dislike rias and sona with their quick assumptions and judgement with little to no info. They act like the dumb evil henchmen characters with low iq. It’s not flame I actually enjoy the portrayal you made of them
1/15 c19 NekoElder
I think it's possible for Issei to cultivate, just that he must follow a dragon related path. When gathering senjutsu, nature energy flows through the boosted gear to reach his soul and he absorbs dragon tainted nature energy. What if he gathers to his limit, then boosts his chi, gathers again to his limit; rinse and repeat until he can't boost again and holds it for as long as possible. If he keeps up this practice, in months he should be able to break the human limit and become something supernatural
1/8 c19 THEtoken1
1/8 c1 jpikachu45
please do lemon with tiamat and Issei
1/8 c19 Uday Sra
Awesome. Please update soon
1/7 c19 Masterx01
"Thus, Kiba was the one best suited to snoop around, and if things were to end up in a clash, he would fight and eliminate the threat."

Mighty confident of them to believe that Yuuto could deal this issue when Iseei knocked Sona's peerage only with using his aura.

Given the pressure that Sona - a high class devil - felt from Iseei, this was a foolish idea.

""Well, fuck…this isn't good." Issei stated, seeing one catatonic Tojou Koneko crying silently while staring at him from her seat on the floor."

Welp... Seems like Kuroka is going to be improvising that explanation far sooner than she thought and Iseei better begins to think how to run damage control before this blow into a clusterfuck. After all, there is only so much you can bully Rias and Sona and if he goes too far their respective siscons may ends up getting involved in this mess...


Well, this certaintly felt better than the last version much more smooth and nice, although a bit weird on how Rias decided to deal with this given that Iseei has proven to be both apparent powerful and resourceful enough to live under their noses with none being the wiser to his apparent power beside being a complete unknow.

Sure, they are still young and with much to learn but i would have believed that Sona, being the most calm tactical minded of the two, would have cautioned more about this and how to approach Iseei. Dealing with powerful unknows is dangerous business and snooping around their things is liable to cause them to take action.

Well, thats all. Thanks for the chapter.
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