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1/26/2018 c4 6Once Triumphant
The interesting ending was you know interesting I look forward to seeing the next chapter
1/26/2018 c4 darth56
now that was a great read you are writing a very good story i like what you are doing this is an ori. story and i can't get enough of it so please keep it up and thank you for your time this is such a good story again thanks
1/24/2018 c3 gasacan90
I think do about 5 or more chapters and then time skip to Canon time line
1/23/2018 c1 3Rihavein-Zero
I personally prefer non-canon over canon but everyone has their own tastes. You do you boo boo
1/23/2018 c3 leader.dbz
This is fanfiction, its up to you what to make of it.
Canon time line or not just make it interesting to read.
1/23/2018 c3 Parker
Most people will want Issei to not become a devil because (1. It really isn’t interesting when it happens as it’s just like reading or watching the show, only with a different introduction, and (2. It’s so overused that it’s seen as a cliche. It’s fanfics, so don’t believe you need to follow canon, cause nobody cares about that. Just make the story good, and people will read.
This is essentially me challenging you to make the story good and to not make Issei a devil. Trust me, more people will agree with me than you think.
1/23/2018 c3 Sennybee98
I think you should keep going on with how Issei gets his powers and show us more of his visits to the Dragon's Den. You could make it so that Issei unlocks his balance breaker by the time he gets to canon DxD timeline due to tiamat training him or maybe his desire to impress her giving him the the final push to unlock balance breaker? I know having balance breaker at the start of the canon timeline seems like a cheat but on the other hand, this is an Issei who was exposed to the supernatural a bit earlier and is already in the vicinity of people who can help train him really well.
1/23/2018 c3 1runelt99
Time skip is good if you want mc be op. Flashbacks could show him when he was weaker. Really it all just depends on weather (yes ik about the grammar mistake) you have enough timeif you do then a slowburn can be more satistfying, while a time skip saves time.
1/23/2018 c3 6Once Triumphant
Bruh Tiamat pairings where she doesn't just make a one chapter appearance every ten chapters are rare. Keep it going like this, and don't do any time skip. We wanna see the two hook up. (Anyone who doesn't agree with me on this needs some dragon juice to wake up) As for meeting someone else? I would say Yasaka, but I don't know, so I say have him meet maybe a Goddess or Peneume? (I don't know her name but the Fallen Angel girl that is like a Cadre)
1/23/2018 c3 1Ravenext
issei gaining his power. only this could include Kobayashi maid dragons, so... Fafnir
1/19/2018 c2 OshiroNai
The concept is especially unique! I really love it. A few spelling or grammatical errors here and there, but they are few and far between. Tiamat x Issei is rarely done, and I appreciate you going for this pairing. (Having Tiamat hit on Issei is the best part) I can assume more dragons are going to show up (each with their own gags) like Tannin, Fafnir etc.
I'm going to enjoy this.
1/18/2018 c1 2Azartaa
That's a good start! Would love to see what's next!
1/18/2018 c2 leader.dbz
That was quite amusing to see Issei's reaction after drinking the Dragon Blood, and Tiamat's attempts on Issei are on a completely different level.
1/17/2018 c2 LordAlces
There's just something so different about this story, it intrigues me. The writing is phenomenal, and I would love to see more! I also approve of the Issei x Tiamat pairing.
1/15/2018 c2 darth56
well we are starting to get to were the story is starting to get to the dragon inside him i do like a tia ans isseii pairing it is always she hates him and he will have to fight her some way i like the way you are telling this story i hope you will keep it up as i think you are getting to the best part of the story were he is going to find out about the super natural so thank you for a very good read please write a lot more chapters thanks
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