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12/14/2021 c19 O
12/13/2021 c19 PoopSensei23
Kudos for actually listening to your fans, I know most authors here dont do that. Keep up the good work, cant wait for the next chapter.
12/9/2021 c19 Gabriel H. Sapphire
Hey buddy glad you caught that. Despite him being a spy for money, your issei didn't seem like one too string others along like that. He's a dragon trained by Taimat after all! Glad to see this change. keep up the good work!
12/9/2021 c19 Jehu
Honestly I'm glad your re-writing it, lot of inconsistencies but there were some good points you can keep. Having keeping his sacred gear a secret at least until the kokabiel arc would be smart, cause if any info gets out the hero faction and others will be pestering him a lot, hard to be a spy when everyone knows who you are. But that doesn't mean he should play the noob and kiss their boots, flex a little, while he qont ne aggressive to them he also won't be a bitch, it will also give the devil princesses some humility since its not like they can kick him out, as hee was born and raised in kuoh while they visiting not to mention his links with the Youkai and Norse.

But you could have him reveal himself as the red dragon, because honestly, they wouldn't be able to do anything since I believe issei would be able to kill ultimate class devils with his current skill set (Ascalon, Scale Mail, True longinus shard, etc). Besides they would likely to kiss ass to get on his good side, which allow him to get closer to koneko and explain the situation with her sister.

Looking forward to the next chapter, please let it be longer than last time tho
12/9/2021 c19 Guest
Kudos for taking the criticism with aplomb. I didn't manage to leave a review on the original version but I was able to read it.

For suggestions - it would depend on where you intend to take the story but I'll try to pitch some ideas.

For the previous version of the chapter, the main issues I felt were as follows:

Trust - it would be normal for Rias and Sona to feel out an unknown in their territory, it would be even more prudent for them to be cautious of something powerful. To that end, Issei's deception would've inevitably shattered any trust that might form between them. It's one thing to hide his abilities, quite another to outright lie to their faces. Abruptly revealing himself would surely lead to tension but lying and then being discovered (and he would be, unless you intended to keep Rias and Sona in the dark for the whole fic) would mean they could never fully trust him.

Motive - Last chapter Issei was showing off to Sona (even if he was holding back); that was pretty counter-productive if he intended to hide. Gonna be honest, reading the original ch 19 had me wondering if Issei's pride as a dragon would've had him abruptly decide the charade wasn't worth it and just go full intimidation. Aside from that, after he was already on their radar, pretending to be weaker gives him no benefits while imposing restrictions. Pretending to be weaker would mean he has to cut down on his "extra curricular activities" or risk being discovered while also diminishing his bargaining power in any deal they might make.

Fun - As a reader, it just plain wasn't enjoyable to see Issei diminish himself for what seemed like no good reason (I sincerely apologize if this sounds too harsh). Since this is just my subjective experience there's really nothing I can add to this point.

As for ideas, like I said, it depends on where you want to take your story.

Issei is a discreet but powerful mercenary with ties to a lot of factions, a couple of powerful benefactors, and more than a few successes under his belt. At the very least he can become a trusted go-between for the factions that might not be enemies but have a tense relationship. For Rias and Sona in particular, considering he's not being antagonistic, they should be able to see the opportunity he represents. Despite his power, Issei's still largely an unknown (personally, I feel he's already broken the Ultimate-class barrier; He won't be trading punches with Lucifer any time soon but he's definitely a cut above most opponents) and he hasn't shown any interest in controlling Kuoh but still lives there; he'd be an invaluable resource for Rias and Sona - an ace in the hole that can be used when they get in over their heads, that can be trusted because *they* can be trusted and protecting Kuoh is in his own best interest. What Issei gets out of it is a valuable point of contact with one more faction and relative protection from any devils that might decide to preemptively take him out (if the Sitri and Gremory houses even reveal his existence). Not to mention he can help train their peerages.

I hope this has been helpful, if a bit late. Looking forward to your next update!
12/9/2021 c19 sil-celestion-boos imperial
Si amigo, después que sigas actualizando
12/9/2021 c18 1Dead Ends
12/8/2021 c19 PoopSensei23
kinda dissapointed ngl, I love this story, but this chapter just didnt really connect with the previous one. Like two steps forward 1 step back kins of thing. In Ch18 you had issei speedblitz sona, how could rias not call bs on that. And kiba 35%? come on, Tiama's a dragon king. Last but not least, Issei not Ultimate Class? wasnt Vali low Ultimate Class when first ibtroduced? and Vali and Cao Cao were about the same level, if so hiw did Issei beat Cao Cao? Well that's all of my critics, You usually give out amazing chapters and stories, but this one was kind of lackluster
12/4/2021 c19 Guest
you are going to make him a pussy you cunt
12/4/2021 c19 Guest
this went so shit
12/2/2021 c19 5KaliYugaFan
Big fan of the story! I’m not really sure why exactly he’s hiding his SG from the Sitri and Gremory peerages though, did I just miss the reasoning behind that or is it something to be exploited in the next chapter? It’s not as if Rias or Sona would be able to do anything with the knowledge of his identity, and even if they told Serafall or Sirzechs, those two would then have to deal with Tiamat. Didn’t quite make sense, idk.
12/1/2021 c19 Alexander von Anderson
why 35% man? are you crazy? kiba isn't capable of even 10% of Tia ... hope Ise dont let himself humiliate more than necessary...
11/28/2021 c19 Masterboy
11/28/2021 c19 NoaRien
Great job but what happened with the dragon den
11/27/2021 c19 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next and damn the girls are a bit annoying
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