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11/28 c66 Fuck Names
I'm so, so glad I picked up this story when the latest updated chapter was this particular one because the stage I am in my life, this chapter made the utmost sense. I'm sure if you go back to my reviews you'll see me being frustrated with what the fucking point of Harry's dessert was if the structure stayed the same and there's still racism, segregation etc. Especially since there was so much loss for just this failed experiment that in the end served to achieve nothing but heal one boy's soul. But now with this chapter it's clear...humankind will never change. Push, pull, annihilate, whatever you do the main vices will still be there, the faults will still be there. This lesson you taught is identical to what the ending of Attack on Titan showed. In the end all that sacrifice was for nothing because humans will never change and it's all due to one idiot's rage. Yet it makes perfect sense even if it is very nihilistic. Still realistic. And it leaves us with one feeling; hope, that despite everything there is still hope for humanity to be better, no matter how miniscule it is.

Thanks for writing this story, been an absolute roller coaster, I've loved it despite its flaws. Already top 10 stories I've ever read. Looking forward to future chapters

Also bro lost his virginity and felt free lmaoo-
11/28 c65 Fuck Names
Is this the endgame to the dessert or to the story? I feel like there's so, so much more left to be explored. The only appropriate end point for me would have been when he found the source.
11/28 c64 Fuck Names
I'm glad they're finally together.
11/28 c63 Fuck Names
RIP in advance Valerie. Also Daphne and Harry's convo was pretty wholesome.
11/28 c62 Fuck Names
Yeah I do agree, shit is pretty much the same, just in much more dire consequences. Fixed nothing
11/27 c56 Fuck Names
Ah so after all that shit, racism and inequality is still there except the good guys stopped giving a fuck. Additionally another huge flaw of Harry's test was the millions of muggles that prolly died due to simply not having magic. That's unfair as fuck. These two are my two major complaints with how you wrote this story. Pisses me off.
11/27 c54 Fuck Names
Bro lost an eye, arm and his only reaction was 'Damn'. Fair fucks man
11/27 c53 Fuck Names
My head is cooked. I didn't understand much of what happened but what I did understand was truly special. Thanks for writing and sharing this. I swear after going through all of this if Harry still struggles against humans that's some DBZ level of plot armour for them.
11/27 c51 Fuck Names
I'm quite fed up of Bella. Hope she dies permanently soon, such an unnecessary existence. I'm glad Dumbledore didn't die, his arc didn't feel complete at all.
11/27 c50 Fuck Names
An apocalypse does serve to make everyone act nice tbf. Not that I have any experience in it.
11/27 c47 Fuck Names
so those worthy of magic get to fuck good? lmao
11/27 c46 Fuck Names
I'm so disheartened, earlier in the chapter I had hoped beyond hope that he had either returned back in time or there was going to be an alternative version where he pursued salvation. It was neither. Sad. I'm also beginning to suspect the Guide is future old Harry. Additionally, how the fuck does Bella know about this shit man?
11/27 c45 Fuck Names
Lmfao, Snape lost his animosity and Tom his desires. Meanwhile there's fucking Draco Malfoy that became gay hahahahaha. That was funny.
11/27 c44 Fuck Names
Well, at least he didn't kill her. That's, that's an improvement.
11/27 c42 Fuck Names
What a weird chapter. Felt so rushed, so many things happened, most of it didn't make sense. Bella is an old husk of a woman yet Harry is attracted to her sexually as per the previous chapter. And she didn't even have the power to move but has now become powerful all of a sudden? Just really confusing and bad writing.
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