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11/19/2022 c65 kar.saadi
this started out fun , maybe a bit weird but got incredible half way through. can't wait for this to finish although I feel satisfied already.!
10/27/2022 c65 4RedOuroboros
Great chapter think vamps are going to bit off more than they can chew look forward to more
10/27/2022 c2 froesch123
An interesting take on Harry Potter as a genuine psychopath. It has some serious tone and grammar issues that make it read like a beginners story but overall, it has potential. If you ever Beta and reupload the story I would be interested to see what you improve and what you don't. It is written as though English isn't your first language or that this might be a first story. As it stands; it is not bad just weak. Sentence fluidity should be your first major editorial change, followed by some changes in HOW you describe your characters if at all.

Speaking of characters, Daphne is likable enough but weak because of how her back story is told. Not bad if you incorporated into someone else providing the details but changing to her perspective, especially as a student, interrupts the flow and has no major impact on the story overall. Her actions are defined by missing a father, but the direct illusion to parents in a flash back style (which can work well in T.V) simply doesn't come off as very impactful the way you have it phrased. Similar could be said of Draco and the others, but then again, I don't know how you envisioned their backstories. I seriously recommend reading the work aloud by yourself or to someone else if you ever get to it, if for no one else but yourself you can check on how it really sounds when you are not so attached to it as a writer. Putting your stories on the chopping block of public opinion is never easy but this is an intriguing start.

I'll flag this as something I might read again as it updates. Good luck and good work.
10/27/2022 c1 RedOuroboros
ok good start a little different from the last looking forward to more
10/18/2022 c65 Iamtheonlytruejoker
This is a great chapter
10/12/2022 c2 2stn-sadness
Interesting start...
10/7/2022 c65 laklak1
Thaaanks for updating! I love you! Have been following your stories for fourteen years!
10/7/2022 c16 asamiro56284
Well i'm dropping here. Journey of beautiful madness and insanity ends here unfortunately. It was wonderful experience reading this, i felt like dreaming, outside world forgotten, reading end of 15 chapter i felt like i woke up. Truly very immersive fanfic, Harry's journey with plot running in the background was excellent. The reason i dropped this was author's approach how to forcefully change mc by some mumbo-jumbo personification of universe healing his broken psyche. Fanfic at this moment lost flow and integrity to me. Character development should be gradual, may be more abrupt bcs of certain events, but what i hate the most is changing mc by some godlike being's interference. His reason of staying instead of leaving to learn more about cores was lame to say the least, he already saw that they were made from emotions. Really feel mad right now. Goodbye.
10/7/2022 c65 Stanislaus
This story is such a roller coaster and i. love it!
10/5/2022 c1 Otodus ssr
Great fic
9/22/2022 c45 Guest
I still don’t get his obsession with sand
9/21/2022 c3 Flame punch
Meh. I thought this would be a good story told from the perspective of a psychopath or, since Harry doesn’t have any mental deficiencies when it comes to empathy, a sociopath. It’s pretty clear to me now though that whoever is writing this hasn’t done any research on the mental states and thought patterns of such people. Honestly Harry’s internal monologue comes across more as trying to be as edgy as possible.

It’s sad because I got excited thinking maybe I had found something unique in the veritable ocean that is Harry Potter fanfiction but all I got was another dark!indy!op!speshul! Harry. Disappointing to the maximum, or would that be minimum.
9/21/2022 c2 Flame punch
It’s an ok start and I like the take on psychopath Harry. The courtroom drama is a bit off though. It’s clearly written by an American and isn’t indicative of how the courts work in the UK at all.
9/16/2022 c65 3Phoenix373
I saw this story dissapear for a bit, everything good?
9/16/2022 c37 tejontt
Jesus crist the weebness is out of control.
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